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I woke up to an orchestra
of raised voices,
loud footsteps,
and slamming doors.
The audience was a body
of words that nobody had to hear. 20 more words


King Monster Killed My Pappy When I Was Just A Baby Boy, Part 2: Them Dang Ghosts Won't Let Me Sleep A Wink So I Gotta Keep 'Em Company Around This Here Ghost Fire

I come to Cheeseman Park to get away from King Monster who’s all stomping around downtown Denver looking for me so he can eat me so I stop beating up on his monster children who are all really pretty terrible by most standards and I think King Monster should feel ashamed by his kiddies all running around and hiding in the shadows and jumping out and eating people after defiling them in terrible ways. 1,021 more words


A Summer Lady

The heat has been rising in the past week.

Summer had finally crept in.

But unlike every year, it had arrived faster this time.

The streets were dry and parched. 156 more words

Views, Opinions And More


When I was first learning to walk, my older brother used to push me over. When I did something he didn’t like, he used to bite me. 170 more words


Cruiser's Dilemma: To Drive Or Fly?

Cruise is booked, and good times are ahead. When debarking from a city that is not home, one of the decisions that must be made is whether to drive or to fly. 292 more words

Snobby Traveler

Man charged with attacking Walmart greeter

By Salina Staff

An employee of the Salina Walmart was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after he was punched several times in the the head by a man he found laying on the ground in the area where shopping carts are stored. 73 more words


Daredevil's black suit

You’ve seen the TV show yet?  It’s pretty good, right?  And I’m liking that black ninja suit.  It’s far more slimming than maroon.  And since you must assume by now that the outfit originated in the comics, I’ll clear up all your suspicions today.   346 more words