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Day 2 - the week of no contact

I’m having a day of rest before working and extra shift tomorrow. It’s the first day I’ve had to do nothing since the move over a week ago which means movies galore, primarily horror movies as they remind me that my life could be sooooo much worse. 523 more words

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Five Ways To Stop Sexual Assault

During the past few months I’ve been asked countless times if I would consider opening a women’s self-defence class. Learning fighting techniques is all fine and dandy, but lets take a look at how a sexual assault can be avoided in the first place. 88 more words


Finding My Place in Fights (But Also Happy Things!)

The day before yesterday, and leading into yesterday, Sir and Miss had an extremely long, loud, and complicated fight. The reasons for the fight I will choose not to share, as it is not my place to air Their dirty laundry, but I did want to write about what it is like to experience a conflict between Those who are Dominant to me. 629 more words


Confessions of a relationship failure

I feel okay now, still a bit sad, still a lot betrayed, but I’m okay. I just can’t figure out how I’m supposed to live my life. 228 more words

Mental Health

The Gift Amir Diamond Got On July 4th Thats Worth More Than Fireworks

My brother and I have two totally different personalities. Friends and family members who know us… can attest that my lil’ brother and I are night and day. 233 more words

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Assembly of boxers and wrestlers

The outcome of the last elections at all levels in Nigeria is a clear indication that Nigerians were done with the old order and eager to have a change that will move the country to greater heights. 1,173 more words

I want to give up.

Why do women stay in an abusive relationship? Because it’s predictable. You know he’ll never be happy. You know he’ll call you names and fuck with your head. 623 more words