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Project Mayhem

It’s been 8 years in the making. 8 years. Only an insane person takes 8 years to finish a movie. I guess I’m insane. I started the movie 8 years ago but never watched the ending! 385 more words


Conclusively Inconclusive: My First Two Months of Fatherhood

Hi. My name is HypeDad and it’s been two months since my last post.

Hi, HypeDad.

Yes, this is the introduction to the erratic blogger’s therapy group. 723 more words


Z To A: Down By Law (1986)

(Z To A is an ongoing series: cumulative reviews of my DVD collection in reverse alphabetical order.)

Plot Synopsis: When fate lands three hapless men- an unemployed disc jockey (Tom Waits), a small-time pimp (John Lurie) and a strong-willed Italian tourist (Roberto Benigni)- in a Louisiana prison, their singular adventure begins. 847 more words


Fight Club ReAction Out in July

The first rule of Fight Club ReAction is that they’re completely awesome! The series includes the unhinged antagonist Tyler Durden and his lover, Marla Singer, as well as the incongruous Narrator. 23 more words


I Am Jack's...

After last night, there is only one phrase running through my head. The phrase from Fight Club, uttered by Edward Norton’s character every time he is faced with an unpleasant emotion. 635 more words


Burn, baby, burn

You ever have one of those days where you feel like you just can’t win? Well, I’ve had a lot of those lately. You know, well, how do The Rembrandts say it? 481 more words


The Machinist 2004- Guilt Cuts Sharper Than Knife

Most of you must have heard about Christian Bale’s highly praised performance in The Machinist, for which he dropped his weight to 55kg (he’s 1.80m!), looking like he’s just stepped out of a concentration camp.  397 more words

Movies That Make You Think