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Video captures 8th grade tutors attacking 7-year-old for not joining 'fight club'

Seven-year-old Taniya Jules refused to join a school fight club, so her eighth-grader “tutors” reportedly attacked her.

The shocking incident was caught on camera. 239 more words


Fight Club - IKEA nesting instinct, 1999

“Like so many others, I had become a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct.

Narrator: Uh, yes. I’d like to order the Erica Pekkary dust ruffles. 127 more words

Fight Club

Facts about 'Fight Club' you never knew

Did you know Peter Jackson was almost chosen to direct the film?


Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

“first, you have to know, not fear, know that someday you are going to die. until you know that, you have no sense of urgency. you think you have all the time in the world to do amazing things, but you may not live to see that particular someday. 21 more words

Fight Club

The MurrayMovie Soundtrack

                At its core the concept is simple; if you take a movie, capture dialogue and sound effects from the film, then mix them over music from the movie’s soundtrack, you will create something that plays like an album but essentially feels like watching the flick with your eyes closed.  3,910 more words

Fight Club

Dum du-dum dum...Date Night

A date night for new parents requires precious currency: money, time and energy. And a lot of logistics.

Factor in the prep and travel time – while trying not to wonder whether your child, potentially cold, hungry and/or neglected by a vodka-guzzling babysitter, is weeping into a teddy bear drenched in her drool and inconsolable tears. 574 more words

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