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38 L - Enough for 6 Months?

If you’ve spoken to me in person about this trip, undoubtedly you may have asked, “So, what are you going to do with all of your stuff? 427 more words


Mr. Robot Is Tyler Durden

I am really enjoying the new USA show, Mr. Robot.

Somehow Rami Malek renders disturbed, anti-social misfit Elliot Alderson a sympathetic everyman, the extreme embodiment of the alienation many of us feel at those times we are treated more like numbers than people. 1,418 more words


800 Views And Counting

So my “real” video has took back the lead from my secret video, which is stuck at 723. As of writing, my real one is at 804 views. 27 more words


Fight Club 4 Kids

“Hi, my name is Chuck Palahniuk and I’m the author of… really just Fight Club.” Quite the introduction for a man who has penned many of my favourite novels, such as Choke, Haunted, Invisible Monsters, and more. 117 more words

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All creators signing in our booth offer their autographs for FREE. FREE… 1,984 more words

Dooptiy doo it's FIGHT CLUB (NEW COMIC)

What if Tyler Durden paid closer attention to the waning job market? DAMN 90S THINKING © 2015 Bridget Fahey Hodder


Single Sentence Reviews: Fight Club

A novel written because Chuck Palahnuik was once punched in the face and no-one asked him about it, Fight Club‘s nameless narrator never sleeps and whose idea of fun is attending terminal illness support groups because he likes crying, (it being at one of these that he meets Marla, a suicidal woman also there for non-terminal reasons), and nudist beaches, where he meets Tyler Durden, fragile masculinity’s idea of a ‘Cool Guy’ who splices frames of porn into films and pisses in the soup he serves as a waiter, and invites the narrator to indulge in cathartic hitting each other because they are Men and that is how Men display emotion, leading to a rapidly growing trends of Fight Clubs, which must not be spoken about, which eventually evolve into Project Mayhem, a group dedicated to deconstructing capitalism in the vaguest way possible by painting giant graffiti and blowing up office buildings and thereby showing the same understanding of how society works as an angsty teenager rebelling against their parents, and understandably concerning the narrator, whose attempts to stop Project Mayhem lead to the revelation that Durden is an alternate personality who takes over his body whenever he sleeps, and who somehow thinks it is a good idea to attempt to have himself killed by his own men when he begins asking questions, finally resulting in the narrator shooting himself through the head to kill Durden despite Durden being the indisputably more interesting of the two personalities and showing a general misunderstanding of how the human brain works when the narrator survives, now in a mental hospital staffed almost entirely by Project Mayhem members who are still enthusiastic to act out against society in a vague, ineffective way.