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The Fork in the Road a Month Later

It’s been a month since the equinox created a fork in my life’s path and I took it. It still seems like a dream as I am so removed from direct contact with things that are still there but no longer of critical importance. 410 more words

The New Reality

I can’t even begin to assess the new reality that I am now living in because it is in such a state of flux right now. 349 more words

Our New Sand Box

It has taken me several days to get my head around the profound changes that have taken place within the astral planes. I didn’t want to post anything until I had something to say that made sense. 632 more words

Divine Counterparts: The Veil of Forgetfulness

These past few months of working with divine counterpart energy has shone some light on some very interesting areas that have not been addressed before. Specifically the nature of the divine counterpart energy dynamic itself. 635 more words

The New Multi-verse

Monday February 16 was when the fabric of the multi-verse was torn apart and the astral divided into two cells that are tightly connected together in love. 732 more words

Moving Forward Into A New World

As this energy wave now pushes downward into the magickal planes once again, highlighting events for the coming month, I feel a little anxiety and foreboding about things. 693 more words

An Update

So much has happened in recent days that it has been all but impossible to process it in any coherent way. That is beginning to change and I can offer this brief update. 442 more words