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Fieldwork as déjà vu: writing up to give up familiarity*

Sofía González-Ayala
(sofia.gonzalez-ayala postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)

The subject of my PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the University of Manchester is the exhibition Wakes and living saints: Black, Afro-Colombian, Palenquero and Raizal communities… 471 more words


IC365 Week 17 - pests, guests and all the rest

April 20 – 26

A pretty fabulous week for invertebrates with more or less uninterrupted sunshine and spring warmth making the outside a very pleasant place to be. 1,102 more words


The Bembidion acutifrons story

There are a number of subgroups within Bembidion subgenus Trepanedoris whose structure of gene flow and species boundaries are not understood.  The morphological data indicates several forms within these subgroups, but whether this variation is indicative of separate species is not yet clear.   317 more words

Revising Bembidiina

Luck and Instincts

It’s my last day in Lebanon and all the work is done. We’re taking a day off for tourism to go see the Cedars, which everyone tells me are worth the 2 and a half hour drive in the cramped bus made for people with very short legs :). 594 more words

From Forests to Firing Range

GGAT are currently looking for volunteers to help with a project on the north Gower coast.

The project will be focusing on two primary targets that were identified by the… 49 more words

My newfound love: the St. Lawrence River

We are very happy to welcome Colleen Burliuk to the blog today. Colleen is busy collecting data on the the American eel for her Master’s degree. 587 more words

Field Biology

Zanzibar field season 2014-2015

At the moment I am doing part of the fieldwork for my first study as part of my PhD. In this study, I am surveying the fish community in seagrass beds in Zanzibar, comparing marine protected areas (MPAs) and un-protected, fished areas, during three different monsoon seasons. 122 more words