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Basalt: A Source of Beauty and Wonder

Further adventures of our mineralogists in Cambodia: follow museum scientists Paula Piilonen and Glenn Poirier on their hunt for minerals for their research.

In Ratanakiri province, and many other regions across Cambodia, the land is covered by a dark orange red, iron- and aluminum-rich soil called laterite. 590 more words


Farmers as Producers…of Data: Participation and Visual Ethnography

During the BSUFN Symposium: The Diversity of Food Research held on the 4th of February 2015, doctoral student Rachael Taylor (SPRU, University of Sussex) presented one of the research methods she used when working with illiterate farmers in Northern Ghana. 558 more words


My goggles fog up when I cry

The ETC is designed like a long alley-way. On the one side, the low risk zone, where we walk around in blue scrubs and rain boots, on the other, separated by red fences 2 meters apart and a ditch, the high risk zone. 592 more words

Hilarity ensues - Part II

Or: Why you should do fieldwork

By Tanja

After last weeks post covered “why you should do fieldwork” this weeks post covers “why you… 1,991 more words

A Day In The Life...

Fieldwork report - Linda-Liisa from Tasmania

Our PhD student Linda-Liisa Veromann is currently working in Hobart, Tasmania, collecting data on the gas-exchange and anatomy of evolutionarily old gymnosperms. She is working at… 164 more words

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Book Review: Mind of the Raven

Confession: I’ve been fascinated by ravens since I first heard Barry Lopez read his essay “The Raven” from his book Desert Notes. (This would have been around 1977. 657 more words


Day 3: Water

This photo is one of my favorites. The sea looks calm and relaxing and the afternoon seems like a very chill one. It reminds me of siesta. 54 more words