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A cockroach kissed my buttocks!

I crept  under the sheets, too tired to change my battered clothes. I had just returned from the war; the one where my cholesterol clad arteries rebelled against my diet of raw cake batter. 583 more words


The Stranger

The Stranger

Cash stood in front of his house’s window looking at the rain as it dropped, for almost thirty minutes he’d enjoyed just seeing how the water from heaven fell in a nice pattern. 17,450 more words



Story: n. a communication which (uses a series of connected events and/or an interacting human(s)) and the corresponding descriptions are factual and/or fictitious and it is a communication which tries to entertain and/or to inform… 175 more words

Common Sense

Chapter One.


I stared at the bulge in my father’s throat, hoping to find a spot where If I slit, he would suffer the most. The Adam’s apple that was supposed to make him a man had failed. 148 more words

The Heart


a cup of tea

‘I didn’t want their last memories to be of cold dead bodies in a black body bag. I also didn’t want his last memory to be that of where he swore that I was picked up from beside the dumpster. 92 more words


Long Way To Go

No seat for him to sit for next few stations, Arya took luggage to sit on. His father knew his restless journey so far, so he joined him as well. 31 more words



Theory: n. a principle(s) which tries to explain a set of facts and/or fictions


Except for theoretical physics of the very large or very small, science theory has been proven factually and mathematically accurate in describing the physical universe which we exist in. 300 more words

Common Sense