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Gérard Philipe devait jouer le Cid mais redoutait de ne pas être à la hauteur. Sous la lèvre aiguisée, une inquiétude s’épanouissait. Comment jouer le récit du combat ? 1,652 more words



I stood inside a discounted bookseller and scanned the rows, getting high on the new-book smell. It had almost everything in the one expendable place. I imagined taking a volume with me to the patch of artificial grass that’d been laid out on the land running the length of the Polly Woodside’s mooring. 1,207 more words


fictions and truths

My thoughts become blurry,
they cross different routes
and sometimes crash together in a neuron trainwreck.
I sometimes confuse an innocent hummingbird
for a devilish crow or a peaceful fish for a raging shark. 61 more words



Hello, my name is Heru. How old am I? Well, barely reach twenty years old. I was your everyday sophomore in quite good university in this country and casually join club for spending free time. 524 more words


As She Walked Away

The house was completely silent. Everything was at their usual place. Latest newspaper, still unread, was on the table. Last night’s leftovers were still on the table, as were the dishes. 713 more words


Guilt & Shame

Guilt and shame are closely related emotions (or “affects”). From the readings we [‘we’: RMIT ‘Literature’s Ethics’, 2015] have undertaken, how have guilt and shame been co-implicated and how have they been expressed? 1,517 more words