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Open & Unaware

Separated by a raging river, two young lovers could only watch together from a distance as the sun set beyond the hills. The boy emerged from an opening in the forest and sat on a fallen log as soon as the first streak of lavender overcame the sky. 260 more words


Encounter In Thimphu [Part 1]

People were alert during a busy hour in Thimphu (Capital of Bhutan) city. Some people were running up and down the downtown area. Where as many young and elderly people, well dressed in bright Bhutanese attires staggered to their work places. 617 more words


The 22nd Century's Adventure

The 22nd Century’s Adventure

When i bought Kacy, I thought the artificial intelligent would make my life a lot easier, but what happened next made me questioned the overwhelming artificial intelligent trend.


The 22nd Century's Adventure

Its name is Chappie. Chappie was invented in 2102, manufactured 5 years later. There were critics saying Chappie would lead to a decline in humanity, but at that time, none of the people thought that it was true, and me neither. 1,056 more words


Minggu Siang

Galeri Salihara, February 2015; On Pameran Seni Perempuan Norwegia: Extensive – The Other Side.

Apa yang terjadi di luar manusia, hal-hal yang mengelilinginya; apa yang ada di sekitar saat kira merasa, apa yang “murka” saat kita jumawa? 418 more words


Writing 101 Exercise: Day 4

I’m supposed to write something about lost today, but then I remembered I did write about that topic before. So maybe I’ll just do repost of it. 43 more words


Writing 101 Exercise : Day 2

I used to live in this one bedroom apartment or as it was known in Australia a flat. It was one floor where the front door opens into a small living area with big wide glass windows facing into the street and the other into the driveway. 478 more words