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Images from the house of Smites

Report from the Smite House

Ringing sounds from firm smites

The anvil hums keeping time

Hammers and tongs

A fire and bellows

Metal becomes plastic… 111 more words

Fiction- Literary Fiction

A moment in time in the Clan McCallen

(while watching news on a train v truck accident.)

*Princess laughing* “Oxnard? Where is that?”

*Father with an honest look on face* “At the other end of the oxnose.”

*Puzzled look*

Fiction- Literary Fiction

New Comic Up!

A Valentine Monster… well, slap me in the face with roses and call it a kiss…

New Comic Up!.

Fiction- Literary Fiction

Superheroic comic with a twist! Support this.

Mallowman is a superhero comic book.  I have spoken with this gent on more than one occasion. When he goes for it. Let’s get him launched! 17 more words

Fiction- Literary Fiction