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Dear Universe: Letters from the Past Chapter 1. A letter from Dad

1. A Letter From Dad

“I don’t know yet if you are a boy or a girl, but WELCOME to the family. I apologize right now for all the mistakes I will do— You don’t have an instruction book. 1,537 more words

Fiction- Literary Fiction

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Doesn't everyone write to their unborn child?

The Cat and the Keyboard. (Morning poem while sipping coffee)

Keyboard, tapping quietly

Brilliant shining eyes and a feline mustache.

Keyboard? KEYBOARD?

Do not pet keyboard.



A seat,

a fur covered, purring keyboard cover, 10 more words

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Princess Julia's Adventure

Princess Julia’s Adventure

by Dash McCallen

Princess Julia awoke and got out of bed, her jammies were so comfy that she always liked walking around in them. 2,381 more words

Fiction- Literary Fiction

A tale of upgrades

I have been fighting with the wifi connection for a couple years, lack of automatically logging in for a number of months whilst I write. Normally, I ignored it until I got to posting, then I would connect and do the dance of three connection cycles. 689 more words

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Changes in WP, a grumble.

One thing I do not care for, is the eye-candy.  “Beep-beep-Boop”

The previous graphic for indicating those that follow, like or comment were fine, although(Playing devil’s advocate in my own mind)  it might be more costly to maintain different graphics (Albeit they were smaller than a thumbnail.) 295 more words

Fiction- Literary Fiction