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Audrey Hepburn - Did You Know...

… All of this? I had no clue! I know she was an amazing person, an inspiration. But I wasn’t aware of this!

Did You Know

Irish Mythology | Tree Lore (Part Two) - The Hawthorn

In the last few weeks, the fierce golden blaze of yellow gorse which swept through Ireland’s hedgerows like wild-fire, has given way to the gentler, creamy-white froth of hawthorn blossom.  517 more words



Art by Dana Dart

My nights are yours,
Your fingers run on my skin,
And I fly away.

Your kisses are my night sun,
They are the eternity.


"Grandmother's House"

Over the mountains,
And through the woods,
From Grandmother’s House, I flee. Her legs are hairy,
And she’s big and mean,
And she means to do harm to me. 112 more words


I have a file folder I have had to compress to save disc space with responses. I keep every single one…


Fiction- Literary Fiction

Gods and Goddesses of the Summer Solstice

With Litha nearly upon us here are some of the Gods and Goddesses associated with the Summer Solstice from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures…… 688 more words

Ritual And Magic

Shock and Awe Chapter 7. FSCK

(Note: FSCK= File System ChecK)

Chapter 7. FSCK

He crawled through the large-diameter air shaft to find the data center, the mainframe computer needed tons of chilled air, ventilation for such a system was large and fed the massive amount of air into the heat-producing rows of circuits and drives to the isolated room. 605 more words

Fiction- Literary Fiction