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TARGET CHURCHILL by Warren Adler and James C. Humes

The story opens with a vivid description of Beria’s NKVD men replacing the SS in the wake of Zhukov’s race across eastern Europe and into Germany: the one quite as bad as, perhaps even worse than, the other. 448 more words

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Dear Canada: Flame and Ashes, by Janet McNaughton

I’ve known and admired Janet McNaughton for years, though I haven’t read all of her recent young-adult novels — she is very prolific! Last week, she and I were invited together to do a panel discussion at the library, as we had both written about the 1892 Great Fire of St. 148 more words

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And now for something completely different… An actual progress report on Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber (by Jill)

This is akin to a miracle for my reading habits this year: I have actually had time to sit and read the past couple of days and have gotten pretty far in… 1,154 more words

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The review now, as promised in my last post.

In 1374, in the still very Moorish south of Spain, a girl is sold into slavery. After various adventures including a shipwreck, two years in a bordel in Cuenca and an encounter with a lamia, she is freed by her new master, a rich Moor whose life she has saved – but on condition that she takes with her the mysterious young slave-girl Malika and returns her to her home which (from what Malika tells them) seems to have been somewhere in the north of Spain or the south of France. 367 more words

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Maryam al Qartayanni: The Long Road to Paris

Sex slavery is nothing new. It is probably one of the oldest forms of merchandising on the planet. In the south of Spain in the spring of 1372 one young girl of mixed descent (her father was a Scot in exile) was left an  orphan and sold into slavery. 216 more words

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Progress Report on Dragonfly in Amber (by Jill)

I love Diana Gabaldon books. I spent all day today reading (okay and napping and doing laundry) and I really felt like I made good progress! 543 more words

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Early thoughts on Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber (by Jill)

I’m so pleased to be back in Claire and Jamie’s world! I love it here. I must admit to “cheating” a bit with this series of books. 565 more words

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