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Buncombe [Noun]


Okay, he said, the second catching up with the first like a lingering footstep, or the bottom of a slinky chasing the top. The okays tumbled down the stairs, one after the next, and he wondered how fast gravity worked on words. 33 more words


A Gathering

Vita sat in the larger brown chair at the far end of living room. Her long legs were curled beneath her. She wore black leggings and an oversized gray knit sweater. 1,347 more words

Creative Writing

Fiction Friday Week 7

Good (Saturday, I know) morning, folks.

I have to admit, with the thrush screwing up my head and body, this has been a zero production week.   3,626 more words


Fiction Friday: The Emperor's Bane

My idea of fantasy is heavily influenced by Old Masters (Moorcock, Howard, Tolkien), and Older Masters (Spenser, and others unnamed and unknown). I do add something of my own sensibility that can at times undermine some of the tropes. 930 more words


stupid slutty crop top

Read Part 1.

He mumbled something I couldn’t catch and stepped backwards, away from me, away from my box-dyed hair, half-bitten fingernails, and stupid slutty crop top with the word… 182 more words


Writing From The Heart

As writers, it’s safe to say that we all have a heart for a good story. Otherwise, why do we write? And why would writers be some of the most avid readers? 105 more words

Writing Tips