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Fiction Friday Week 16

Good morning!  

Since most of the world to the west of me is still sleeping, we’ll call this time of day late-Friday so the blog isn’t late again. 881 more words

Highland Wolves

Fiction Friday: "The Wife Hunt" (excerpt)

There is a collection of my Noir-fantasy fiction coming soon. Four novelettes that marry fantasy and hard-boiled noir as penned by Chandler and Hammett. It’s nothing too original, but I think I have managed to do things in a way that stays true to both genres. 506 more words


Driving Off Into the Sunset

This is essentially how I think an actual conversation would happen at the end of a movie where the love interests drive away together, always into the sunset because it presents the nicest picture for the last scene. 504 more words


Fiction Friday: 'Cold Mountain' by Charles Frazier

Fiction Friday is a weekly series designed to share my love of great stories with others. As William Faulkner said, “The best fiction is far more true than any journalism.” 2,710 more words


Writing Pitfalls

As writers we all have areas we need to work on to make our writing stronger. This article provides some helpful tips to improve our skills. 100 more words

Writing Tips

Writing In The Storm

Regardless of the storm or trial we are going through, it is important to focus on what is important.

It is hard to focus on writing when the storms within and without are challenging.

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Writing Tips

Fiction Friday: Demon's Veil Chapter 16

The team’s communicators crackled and whined as they neared the entrance of the tunnel. Morgan handed Marie to Delgado. He had to shift the stone tablet to take the unconscious woman, and muttered something in Spanish about pack mules and division of labor. 1,602 more words

Demon's Veil