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Poem: You have the best smile in the world

Poem: You have the best smile in the world

There are some friends that you absolutely love

And they mean the world to you

Hearing that they are down does the same to you… 170 more words


Part 42: Luke & Bella

At the port, Luke quickly bargained a reasonable price for the afternoon with a local charter captain.  He also made arrangements for the next day, when they would go diving on one of the popular local reefs.  859 more words


Robots Will Eat Your Brains

It seems to me that there are a great many science fiction stories that are flawed at bottom. Now I know that science fiction is by definition a flight of fancy and mostly impossible there have however been a good few times in the history of the genre where fiction predicted fact and what is more there are some themes within the genre which are widely considered to be very real possibilities as our technology develops. 1,175 more words


Frontier - Act05 Chapter17 - Life Waters

Through the ages after the Collapse, Guardians have organized themselves under different banners. The Hunters have their loosely-aligned groups that seem to be concerned more about territory and bragging rights than anything else, while the Warlocks have their secretive covens that pool astronomical geniuses together as they peel back the layers of the universal onion. 1,308 more words


Political correctness, censorship and easily offended whiners-a must read blog

I read a recent blog from Anne R. Allen about her experiences with complaints from her readers. She writes a blog on writing and I was surprised how easily offended people can be. 28 more words


The Stuff of Wonder

The cars blowing past roared so loudly that Mr. Snuggles’ dirty, soot covered, fur vibrated in response. If the Teddy bear had contained a skeleton, the concussive force of the sounds would have resonated in his bones as well, but he didn’t; he was full of white, fluffy stuffing. 765 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

As time moved forwards, he moved backwards. He claimed to have seen Westlife at Wembley Stadium in 1942.

76 more words