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"P" Poison Has Its Uses #atozchallenge

I heard a banging on the steel grated door.

“Umm huh. Yeah I’m coming. Hey Peely.”

“Here this is for you.” The errand boy who we were both so found of handed me a box. 260 more words


Land of the Damned!

 image via the BBC, animated by The Global Spectator

In all its glory and opportunities, the land of milk and honey had turned into a version of Gotham city. 119 more words


TMI Tag (Blog Style!!)

Hey guys! So I was looking on YouTube and I saw a really old but really fun tag that I am going to do to help you get to know me a bit better. 665 more words



Ok, this is it, this is where we draw the curtains… If you missed any of the chapters or you’re just joining us, enjoy…

Thanks for being with us through this journey. 955 more words



it makes no real sense, does it?

how your skin keeps its resilience

after everything it’s been through

so soft and lovely

smooth as silk… 270 more words

The Twisted Path Group


so many words

I wish I had said

so much I did say

but you closed your ears

now you can no longer listen

and I cannot speak… 239 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Fiction Friday: Hornet - Part 3

Part the third. I know the mention of hardware in this very brief installment will appeal to some and bore others. In this type of story it is a necessary evil to offset the science-fiction-y aspects and ground them in the real world. 524 more words