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Of the dress and whatnot

Something has been bothering me for the last two days.

The Dress.

That infernal image from the pits of hell has risen up to haunt us all and the world will never be the same again, because we have all been divided into white-and-gold or blue-and-black. 596 more words

Vơi đi nỗi sợ

“FEARLESS is not the absence of fear.

FEARLESS is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.” – Taylor Swift

Dũng cảm không có nghĩa là không sợ gì cả (not fearful at all), mà là vẫn sống dù tồn tại trăm ngàn nỗi sợ.

944 more words
Thứ 7


Recently, I was challenged to see the beauty in a series of things mentioned in a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, called Pied Beauty. For those who are not familiar with it, and for those who are, here is the poem. 77 more words

Fickle Angels

The faults in others’ plans
Noticed by our eyes
Is no sufficient price to pay
In exchange for their demise

Everyone has a soul worth infinitely… 94 more words


Indecisions - A Poem

There’s cost to every opportunity,

Or so my fifth-form Econ teacher told us.

To choose one thing must sacrifice another –

That heaviest curse placed on our generation, 189 more words


Let's Give This Some Consideration, Mmm, How Thoughtful

It is Valentine’s Day.

I do not write this because it is Valentine’s Day.  It just happened.


People in love.

People in like.

It’s a weird thing. 405 more words

Being fickle

If you’re anything like me…you’ll be able relate to pretty much everything in this post…i don’t know if i am a unique person or not,but i’m pretty sure i’m a 100% weird specie. 326 more words

Feel Good