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Fickle friends and faithless lovers
Scoundrels all, no band of brothers
Fair weather companions promising all
Cloudy day comes, not even a call

Would be winners, they pridefully boast… 51 more words



“The fickleness of inspiration,
cannot be understated.
I’ve been hunting it,
actively seeking its assistance.
Getting back nothing but resistance.

Help me inspiration,
I just want to write. 13 more words


Serial Fickle-Flirt.

This post is going to lose me followers and there will be tons of hate comments, and I won’t cry because I totally deserve it. … 346 more words


The Fickle Entity of the Mind

I, at times, have a flighty memory. I am unsure if my mind believes the information to be unimportant, or has to push other tidbits of my cache into the garbage heap to make room for more, but either way, my brain can feel like a grain bag with a small puncture. 620 more words


Your Fickle Heart

If you spend your whole dating career making decisions based on “following your heart”, what are you going to do after you get married and you and your spouse go into a funk (because it’s going to happen), and your “heart” tells you your in love with someone else? 55 more words

Life Lessons

They all said it, all said it

Will you look at those beautiful People?

Their glamorous, glittering, glued-on smiles.

They all pointed, all pointed

Look! Do you see their perfection? 45 more words


Best Ever

She speaks up often calling to be cared

He was fine and sleek, now shows wear

The same feel piques the senses in the bumpy… 120 more words