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A Tribute

My dearest sister, Carrie, you are missed more than words can express! I know you are now in a better place…I know that you are looking down upon us….watching and praying! 230 more words

IBS/Fibro and Grief

I am so glad my body had held up as well as it has during this very stressful time!

My baby Sis, Carrie, died suddenly….tragically. I arranged for the transport of her body from hospital to funeral home, and assisted with setting up the graveside and Memorial services. 250 more words

Here’s Rick. Just chillin in the shade with my damp washcloths on. I’m still flaring between 6 and 9 borderline 10 sometimes. Fifth day in a row, now. 125 more words

When You Fight the Fibro

Today is the prime example of why rest is so important with fibro. After pushing myself like I did yesterday morning I am having to ice my shins and ankles. 60 more words

Frustrated, cranky, but better after writing this post!

This last few days have been worse than the ones before. The rain has not let up and I got even sicker. My body temperature regulator is out of wack and I had a high temp in the middle of the night. 498 more words

Fibromyalgia Diary