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Late Night Thoughts

Hello there. Long time no write! I just haven’t felt very inspired lately to write anything here and there hasn’t really been anything worth mentioning? Well I am going to try to write a post here now anyway. 772 more words

My Thoughts on Fibromyalgia

For a while now I have suffered from Fibromyalgia. Explaining to people in your life how you feel is easy, making them understand is next to impossible. 608 more words


I Can't Take it Anymore

Well I didn’t make it into work yet again this morning. I am so depressed and my pain is terrible in my hips. I feel hopeless and on the verge of giving up my job. 260 more words

Baby Steps

For those of us that are dealing with chronic illnesses and conditions, it is easy to “lose heart”….to become frustrated……to yearn for the life we had before our every movement……every moment…..was dictated. 417 more words

A Day to Learn From

┬áSome days feel like a battle that I can’t win.

Some days I feel as though I have no energy, patience, or strength.

Some days I wish I could fast forward. 362 more words


Papers and Pills, and Books and Hills

If you’re a newer follower, I’d like to particularly say “hi”… with a split infinitive that my lit professor would highlight in green and tsk me for using. 811 more words


The Case for Meditation

I feel like it always comes back to stress, to my body’s extreme “fight or flight” reactions.
When I’m observing myself, I notice it. The increase in heartrate, that feeling in your stomach, the general all over heat. 375 more words