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Healthy Choc Chunk Cookies

So if you are anything like me, (perhaps not a good thing) you’ll LOVE anything chocolate and just anything that fulfils that strong craving you get. 189 more words


Home Made Muesli

To start the day right it is essential to have a healthy and filling breakfast. Muesli is a great way to start your day! But store bought muesli can contain hidden sugars which will result in a spike and crash of energy levels rather than sustained energy levels throughout the day. 157 more words


Ultimate weight loss protein rich milkshake

Our body reflects what we eat, drink and apply externally. We might spend mullah without a blink on protein powders, capsules or any thing available instantly but trust me nothing beats this natural protein loaded drink which is easy to prepare as well. 258 more words


Snack Girl’s Crunchy Sweet Roasted Broccoli

This recipe from Snack Girl to the Rescue! (Harmony Books) by Lisa Cain, founder of Snack-Girl.com, an award winning website about healthy eating and weight management. 278 more words


Ross Patterson: NZ private sector fibre beats Australian publicly funded NBN

CommsDay reports on comments by former telecommunications commissioner Ross Patterson:

New Zealand’s private sector-led approach to its fast broadband deployment is far more likely to achieve a successful outcome than Australia’s publicly funded NBN model.

176 more words

Banana Bran Chocolate Muffins

Looking for a tasty treat for the kids that doesn’t fill you with guilt? Look no further. The mashed banana in these muffins reduces the amount of sugar required. 191 more words


Cinnamon-Oatmeal Pancakes

Most of us have grown up on a staple diet of Hollywood cinema. A scene that always caught my fancy was two people, on a road trip; a pit stop. 210 more words