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I’ve been terrible about updating lately. What can I say, sometimes depression really sucks.

To make up for it, I have something new… I made a video!

Fibre Crafts


On Saturday I took my four youngest grandchildren over to Reading to visit with Harriet, another grand-daughter who is married and very crafty . She had done this project with a young home schooled lad she helps with his  crafts; 432 more words

Life A Work In Progress


I apologise for the radio silence. This has been due to two things; I have been very busy Craftsy-ing and have signed up for several more classes – drinking in all the help I can get, also for a few days I have had another post all drafted and just waiting for my BH to take some photos of me actually wearing the outfits I have completed that haven’t yet been blogged about, but life has entered a bit of a conspiracy on that second one but hopefully I will have something to show… 280 more words

Life A Work In Progress


In keeping a record of my recent makes here on this blog I mean, not in the Mrs.Bucket sense! So much so that I have to read my own blog to find out what I have done. 434 more words

Life A Work In Progress

Something different...

All cards on the table, this isn’t a family friendly, safe for work, post. I do like to keep this blog as somewhere that everyone can feel comfortable, but sometimes in life crochet genitalia happens, and I just have to share. 190 more words

Fibre Crafts

Rainbow Sky Yarn

For the first instalment of “yarns I made while working on my thesis“, I have this wonderful Rainbow Sky Yarn.

The yarn started out as these lovely hand painted Merino from… 188 more words

Fibre Crafts

Back to the fibre!

All done, I handed in my PhD thesis, and now back to my fibre. I had to take a step back from fibre crafts to focus on finishing off my thesis, but don’t think that I was completely unproductive (fibre-wise). 436 more words

Fibre Crafts