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That is, do you do too much? I thought of this when hemming the legs of my DH’s trousers.  I had remembered some advice given by a couture tailor about not trying to ‘nail down’ your hems and seams. 333 more words

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All of the pink and black

A few years ago I happened to go through a phase of picking up a decent amount of white yarn on sale. I didn’t have any plans for it at the time, but it seemed like a good idea, and as it turn out, it was. 334 more words

Fibre Crafts

More from the Octosquiddles!

I introduced you previously to my little Octosquiddle army. Now I wanted to show them to you in a bit more detail, focusing on one of the most important squiddle features, they’re wee little squiddly legs. 328 more words

Fibre Crafts

Meet the Octosquiddles

Something very cool happen recently… octosquiddles!

It started with this set of patterns, by mohu. But things escalated from there. I saw an opportunity to do away with the one part of amigurumi that I just can’t find it in me to enjoy… sewing them together! 214 more words

Fibre Crafts

REVIEW - Islander Motor City Jacket -CRAFTSY

   I chose this course and this pattern for several reasons. Not in any order – they are; [i] I really like Janet Pray’s Craftsy Classes. She shows you really practical and efficient ways of doing something you thought you were doing well for years and I really wanted to move away from my usual style of jacket and stretch my skills a little. 560 more words

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I’ve been terrible about updating lately. What can I say, sometimes depression really sucks.

To make up for it, I have something new… I made a video!

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On Saturday I took my four youngest grandchildren over to Reading to visit with Harriet, another grand-daughter who is married and very crafty . She had done this project with a young home schooled lad she helps with his  crafts; 432 more words

Life A Work In Progress