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Accepted at Fantastic Fibers 2015

Here I am bragging about myself again. I am so excited! Acceptances are still very exciting to me.
This is one of the first pieces finished after Sean’s death. 126 more words

Fiber Art & Art Quilts

Look what happens when you take down the old shades (never throw them away)

Pulling down the shades in my daughters old room, I looked at the fibers closely and thought “What if?”

So I poured on the soda ash and sprinkled on the dye. 30 more words

Fiber Art & Art Quilts

Hand dyeing fabric in the winter

Well what do you do to get your fabric dyeing fix? It below zero and you can’t hang everything outside on the clothesline. I use my trusty (and rusty) old under appliance pan from Menard’s (for about $9) It’s about 36 inches square a very convenient size… 187 more words

Fiber Art & Art Quilts

Old linen a new way

At a recent estate sale, I bought a ton of old really old textured linen (for $1) It had been hand embroidered in a very strange duck and tree pattern. 56 more words

Fiber Art & Art Quilts

Texture Tinkering

Playing around with oversized stitches and threads over a gauze base with heavy wool, this began to resemble a rain forest.

Hand-dyed silk yarns, gauze & deconstructed wool over a commercial batik base

Fiber Art & Art Quilts

My Happiness a repost from my A4 Art quilt play group

My Happiness is one of the earliest recorded songs from Elvis in 1953. Recorded with just his guitar and voice in the key of C, My Happiness gives us a glimpse of his greatness to come. 56 more words

Fiber Art & Art Quilts

Two Ply Silk Art Yarn

Raw silk from a pack of silk hankies was spun into two separate single ply yarns. Then I spun the two single ply yarns onto a core yarn of orange/brown sari silk yarn. 36 more words

Fiber Art & Art Quilts