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Saving girls from the 'cutting season'

Girls in parts of Tanzania are often forced to undergo female genital mutilation, even though the practice is illegal. Faced with FGM, many had nowhere to turn – until now. 560 more words


Of Generalizations and Critiques - A response to Reza Aslan's CNN tirade

Yes, sometimes we paint people with a broad brush, but nobody seems to mind when we say nice things;¬†Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims are good, decent people, the Qu’ran is a wonderful guide to life,the Prophet Muhammad is the ideal man. 1,112 more words


Female Genital Mutilation- Where are our men?

As we continue campaigning against the horrific practice of female genital mutilation, most known activists are women. Well, that does not sound right! Of course men are involved in this campaign. 266 more words

What is FGM? NSFW

WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart… Or stomach. But my opinion on graphic monstrosities is that if someone has to endure it, we could at least have the respect to learn about it. 409 more words

Only just over the threshold

I am tending to think that there’s a repositioning of the threshold criteria going on at the moment. It is a little hard to call, since there’s always been the unspoken background that what constitutes threshold in Liverpool doesn’t necessarily be the same things that consitute threshold in Torquay. 2,181 more words

Case Law

Working with Communities to end Female Genital Mutilation

Back to Basics

The history of FGM is not well known, but the practice dated back at least 2000 years. It is known when or where the tradition of FGM originated from. 319 more words