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Handling a Child with Fever

One of the hardest times on being a mom (or a parent) is when your child (especially infants or toddlers) is sick or not feeling well. 471 more words


I Got Sick...

And it seemed like the whole world’s falling apart, piece by piece.

Total Time Waste

Spell, Aromatherapy and Candle Magic to Help with Fevers

Combat Fever {Folk Remedy} # 2

Ingredients: Almonds

To help combat fevers, a very old folk remedy is that of eating almonds. This can also be a preventative measure for fevers, if eaten on a regular basis. 260 more words


Day 4 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ Saturday Night Fever

I started out full of energy, woke up at 5:30 got some stuff done and then just kinda started to fizzle by 8:30. I had an appointment at Curves to do the “smart test”. 1,552 more words

My Bunny is Sick

Bunny had a fever of 102.5 last night, which has continued through today. I feel terrible. I hate when my babes is sick.

Poor little lovey.

New Baby

Music Corner

A very good music video, much of red colors, very inspiring and in my opinion a very excellent combination of images and music.

Have a happy Saturday evening!