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This is my 5th visit to Olu Deniz in Turkey, August 2013. It’s just one of those places that keeps drawing me back with still so much to see and do! 358 more words



In this special place, you simply can’t help but be dismally disappointed by every photo taken. Touched up, manufactured photos in brochures and catalogues seem at first to lie and exaggerate, suggesting this sort of beauty just isn’t possible. 190 more words



Whilst in Fethiye, I visited the Lycian rock tombs, the museum

Cinayeti görün!

Başına ve yüzgeçlerine parke taşı bağlanarak, ona yaşam veren sularda çaresizce ölüme terk edilen deniz kaplumbağasının hakkını kim koruyacak?

Geçtiğimiz günlerde Fethiye, Akmaz Plajı’nda ölüme terk edilen yeşil deniz kaplumbağasıyla ilgili haberler yaban hayvanlarına yönelik şiddetin boyutlarını ve bu sessiz katliamın nasıl önlenebileceğine dair soruları gündeme getirdi. 950 more words



A 10 hour drive or short flight from Istanbul, the beautiful holiday town of Fethiye is the place to visit for a sun drenched break from the other rugged sceneries or more traditionally cultured areas of Turkey. 437 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Yep! I think I can do vivid!

These beetles are called….Eulasia Papaveris…..or it may be that they are of the family Eulasia Papaveris….I’m not sure but it took me ages to find out what they were and there’s not much information on them. 53 more words