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Import 57,400 tons fertilizers: China Customs

Source: http://customstoday.com.pk/import-57400-tons-fertilizers-china-customs-releases-quickly-fertilizers-to-support-spring-planting/


  • Xinsha Port, a principal port of entry for fertilizers in Southeast China, has witnessed the import of 57,400 tons of fertilizers so far this year, a sharp increase of 238.26% year-on-year

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods

A few weeks ago, the Nutraceuticals industry was launched in Jamaica. For me, it was bitter-sweet. More than 15 years had past since the idea was first introduced in Jamaica by a noted professor at the University of the West Indies (See… 407 more words


Selling Convenience

More than half of the problem with the foods we eat in the US stem from the market’s attempts to make everything convenient for us. Convenience is a way to add value to foods, value meaning profit in this case. 675 more words


Algae from clogged waterways could serve as biofuels and fertilizer

Source: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2015-03/acs-afc021915.php


  • Algal blooms, spurned on by nutrient runoff from fertilizers, could themselves become a source of fertalizer
  • Already, algae are gradually but increasingly being used as a feedstock for different classes of biofuels, including ethanol…
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Preparing for Spring

As Landscapers it is our job to know how to prepare a home for the long seasons of Spring, Summer & Fall. There is a lot of work that goes into the beginning of the process, but it is a matter of keeping up with your lawn and landscape to keep it within grasp. 422 more words

Kathleen Smith of the US Geological Survey Investigates Mining Gold, Silver, Platinum and Other Precious Metals From Human Poo

VICE Motherboard: Every year, Americans are flushing a fortune down the toilet. Literally. More than 7 million tons of biosolids—treated sewage sludge—pass through US wastewater facilities annually. 151 more words


BioADD Instant Spray - Baja Sedia Diguna

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Enzim lengkap tersedia yang mampu diserap dan diproses secara langsung oleh semua bahagian pokok dan tanah dengan segera serta efektif untuk tumbesaran yang cepat dan subur – Daun yang sihat menghijau – Bunga yang mekar menawan – Hasil lumayan dan segar – Anti serangga dan anti kulat. 47 more words

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