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Senci Green Flower Garden, Sri Lanka.

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Homemade Plant Food Ideas

Hopefully you watched the video on Nitrogen and phosphorus that was posted.

If you did, awesome! Now you know what plants need to eat, and we can move on to what plant food would be best to have. 370 more words

Tomatoes in a grow-bag

I love growing tomatoes at the allotment.  In the early years, I grew outdoor varieties with some success.  In my second year, I had 16 plants (they all looked too good to throw on the compost heap!) and they all grew like crazy in the good weather.   675 more words

Slow & Steady

Amazing what you can find on sale sometimes! Gotta love it when things work out the way you imagined them to be and save money while doing so! 61 more words

Salt and Plant Health

Salt build up in the soil – yes.  You may read how unused fertilizer turns to salt.  It’s more accurate to say that unused fertilizer salts build up in the soil, increasing the salinity level.

370 more words

That Moment You Enroll in a Tree Identification Class...

And you thought it was going to be a fun, easy, blow-off landscaping class.

Yeah that was me in college. It was the hardest class of my college career and it wasn’t even in my major! 229 more words

Fun In The Field

Old Blue

My dad worked in fertilizer manufacturing plants his whole life. Do you know where fertilizer plants are located? In tiny towns no one ever head of with names like Marseilles. 505 more words

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