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Emotions(or lack there of)

I can’t be the only one out there that has this issue. I do not show emotions all the time. My wife says I am too logical and my seeming lack of emotion causes a few issues here and there. 365 more words

Religion, Marriage, Respect and Hypocrites !!

We finally thawed out here in my part of Texas, although it is only short term or so I hear…who the hell knows lol. Things just shut down when we get iced over, so yeah I admit we are winter wimps…the interstate shuts down and we sit at home and watch the weather channel like it is going to make a difference… 437 more words

craizy femmes

I’m talking to em butch girls……
Why do ya’ll date craizy-ass bitches with insane drama??!!.
It’s always something with some femmes…gadamn!!
Dont you just love peace, love and fun with no fucking drama. 136 more words