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Thursday Night Creme: Oh, Shonda.

Obviously this is out of character, but a special edition post about this week’s episode of Scandal is VERY necessary.

Had to write it immediately before I became too drained by all of my thoughts to be too uncomfortable to actually write. 909 more words

I need women rights because...

I need women rights because not all girls in the world are as privileged as I am.
I need women rights because I want to be employed and have the same salary as my male friend. 86 more words

Not everything is up for discussion

There’s a popular belief that most people have that everything is up for discussion. Debate is good. All opinions are valuable and should be heard. FREE SPEECH and all that jazz. 570 more words


Personal Reflections on My Second Hormoneiversary.

I haven’t really done much reflective writing about my own personal experiences with transition in a long while. In a lot of ways, I feel like transition more or less ended once my name change was official. 2,071 more words


#FeministTakeover @Manchester Art Gallery

A couple of weeks ago I had confirmation that my piece ‘Lolita’s Sleepover’ aka my hands-and-knees MA quilt had been selected for exhibition at at even for International Women’s Day. 481 more words


Linda Lowman (Death of a Salesman)

Analysis of Linda Lowman
Linda Lowman is an archetypal mother and dotes on her sons and Billy. She always maintains an optimistic attitude towards her husband and her sons. 168 more words