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Stef wrestles with the text (anyone can)

To justify the way I rough and tumble with the readings and refuse to submit to them I thought I would write a very short extra post that I can simply link to when I do it instead of constantly re-explaining. 43 more words


Reclaiming Darkness


Forgive me readers for posting this extra post just before I add my struggles with this week’s readings. It was in my head and I thought I would get it out. 1,428 more words

About Me

Not So 'Pretty', Girls?

It was only very recently that Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears’ collaboration ‘Pretty Girls’ was released for the world to hear, and needless to say it was everything that we would expect of a Britney/Iggy collaboration. 1,011 more words


Female Teams Are Being Introduced In FIFA16

This is totally amazing! It took a while, but here we are, ladies! We’re out of the woods! We’ve broke the glass ceiling! Or have we? 181 more words


When my fiancé unknowingly became a feminist.

It’s interesting to see the epiphany on someone’s face when they, who do not identify with feminism, recognize a feminist issue.

It’s such an easy thing for me, as a feminist, to point out feminist issues on a daily basis. 501 more words

Feminist student's yearbook quote goes viral

OAK HILLS, Calif. — A California high school senior’s yearbook quote has gone viral and struck a chord with people for different reasons.

When it comes to yearbook quotes, it is common to find Bible verses and movie quotes. 215 more words


Interviewing women: A contradiction in terms

Many years ago I read a book chapter that would have a profound effect on how I thought about my practice as a health professional, and dramatically shape the future direction for my research and the way I thought about the world generally.   653 more words