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Definition of words are no longer clearly defined

What can one do sick as a wet cat and laid out on the couch? Look up words and come across this… 115 more words


Beloved comedian, Aziz Ansari, identifies himself as a feminist on David Letterman. Watch his definition on feminism below:


What is Feminism to me?

Oh god… a guy calling himself “Opinionated Man” wrote an article on feminism. He should probably just stop now…

To me the question isn’t really what is feminism? 326 more words


Why I Don’t Need Feminism and Why Women Probably Do

I don’t need feminism because feminism obviously doesn’t need me. I was blacklisted apparently… all I did was show up with a plate of snickers… for hunger… because hunger makes you… Never mind. 308 more words


You Already Have a Bikini Body.

Getting a “Bikini body” is on pretty much everyone’s after holiday to-do list. There’s a whole market for it. Binge during Thanksgiving,Hanukkah, Christmas? Well you’ve better get in shape before winter is over! 174 more words

Can wolf-whistling be made illegal?

I saw in The Telegraph that wolf-whistling might become illegal. To me it seems like an empty gesture: ‘yes you shouldn’t have to be harassed every time you leave the house but this law won’t stop anyone doing it’. 748 more words

Sexualisation in today's media

I don’t know if it’s just me who thinks this, but recently I’ve started seeing a lot more ‘sexual’ pictures of women in the media. Many media platforms (in particular music videos and advertisements)these days are based on the sexualisation and the objectification of women. 472 more words