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dear me

The #DearMe project emerged on youtube recently, in honour of International Women’s Day, and it’s something I’ve really enjoyed watching. My favourites have been marinashutup… 1,625 more words

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The Importance of Emma Watson's 10x10x10 Campaign


The importance of the launch of Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign and then subsequently the IMPACT 10x10x10 Initiative at the World Economic Forum at Davos should not be underestimated. 440 more words

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The Month of Self Love: Stop Faking It

For Day 5 of The Month of Self Love, I’m going to need everyone to STOP FAKING IT!

Women often fall into the trap of putting their emotions, thoughts and feelings aside to uplift or boost everyone else’s ego. ¬† 186 more words

The Month Of Self Love Series

The Month of Self Love: Get Tested

Happy Wednesday!

For Day 4 of The Month of Self Love, schedule an appointment to get tested for STDs and STIs.

It is highly important to know your status. 145 more words

The Month Of Self Love Series

I know yal tired of hearing about Bill Cosby but...

I was reading Audre Lorde’s “Sexism” and something she said stuck out to me…

We have too often been expected to be all things to all people and speak everyone else’s position but our very own.

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The war against pimples.

There is a clever advert on Indian television, for an anti pimple face wash, which is cute and generic and twisted. There are girls, ordinary ones with the usual pimple issues, whining that nobody really sees beneath their skin levels, beyond the pimples. 416 more words


My Body

Let me tell you a story.

When I was a child, I was often scared.¬†Scared that someone would come to steal my toys, scared that my mother might send to me to bed early that night, scared that my friends wouldn’t want to play with me anymore, scared of the monsters under my bed, scared of the evil that lurked around every corner in my pretend games. 665 more words

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