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A Badly Under-Represented Genre

I present the abortion comedy.

Movies like Obvious Child and Grandma make talking about abortion easier, and that’s invaluable. This is a topic that often leads to screaming matches posing as debates, not level-headed discussions.

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Let's begin...

What is body positivity? Well, according to Wikipedia (insert hyperlink here), body positivity is a movement  of fat feminism. The site states body positivity began in the second wave of feminism and is growing with the third wave of feminism. 234 more words


The Stuff in Between (some thoughts on sex and gender)

Something every new feminist, I think, has to contend with at some point is the question of gender, and what it really is. My own understanding of this question has gone through quite a few evolutions over the years I’ve been interested in feminism and its theory and practice. 683 more words


I like puzzles, creating pretty pictures and feminism

Do you censor yourself? I do. I’ve been thinking through a number of ideas for posts and there seems to be a common theme… The ability to embrace who I am. 297 more words


Feminists Can Like Flowers, Too.

I am very open about the fact that I identify as a feminist. I love talking about my philosophies on the matter of equality, and I DON’T like people opening my doors for me. 480 more words


Virginity: Deconstructing that Sh*t

I wrote a paper on this subject for my Gender & Women Studies class this year, and built on/adapted it for this blog.

Your body is a wrapped lollipop.

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Boy/Girl? M/F? The language of gender discourse.

Don’t be deceived by the use of boy/girl in the title of this post. There is no cause for alarm. I fully understand that those words are words that are not always welcome in trans or genderqueer discourse because they tend to refer to sex and not gender. 716 more words

Being Me