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free the nipple :)

hello people of the internet. it is currently 2:28 am on friday july third. i’ve been watching parks and rec (one of my june favorites go check out that post) for the past three hours. 293 more words


Half Light

It drove her insane;
The desire to learn the working of her fragile heart,
Buried her sanity beneath wine-filled nights and withered rose petals.

It drove her insane; 114 more words

Writing & Blogging

Young, Single, Female: (Un)safe to Travel

As it happened: I had landed in Dubai a couple of hours before the incident, and I was waiting to board at the Emirates Lounge. When boarding time drew nearer, I moved to a seat by the A14 gate. 1,348 more words

Special Topics

The very depressing Labour leadership election.

The ongoing Labour leadership election has exposed Labour as a party that is unable to break free from the political terrain engendered by, most immediately, the Coalition government and more historically Thatcherism. 840 more words


Hooking Up With Tila Tequila: Chapter 3: Photos

Chapter 3 of Tila’s book consists of one paragraph of text and 31 pages of photos. Hence the clever title. But her idea to include so many of her modeling photos seems to be problematic, not just for her, but also for many of the other claims in the book. 833 more words

Pop Culture

Not the shoulders!

Even going to public school in generously liberal Manhattan, the term “dress code” is enough to send chills down my back, as I frantically tug my dress down to try to reach finger-tip length. 558 more words


Choices, lack of choices, and names

The ways I carry on what my mother taught me are not always obvious. I get my daughter trinkets randomly, I hide M&Ms in my partner’s popcorn, and I make sure the kiddo and I are always in the middle of a book. 321 more words