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If Knowing You Means I Cripple Myself, Then No Hard Feelings, But I'd Rather Not Know You At All... By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

Too many people are always stuck between doing things for others or themselves, and not because they want what’s best for the other party, but rather because they are scared to fully reveal themselves. 445 more words

Love Wednesdays

Daily Feminist Moment: day 13

Today’s moment will be brief: I just wanted to let readers know that, bizarrely enough, the most consistent search that leads people to this blog is one for ‘Buddhism and p0rn’ (‘o’ changed to avoid making the algorithms even stronger than they are already). 118 more words

And Other Stuff


Closet feminism. I call it closet feminism because it is hidden in the pages of fat books. It is alive only in dissertation projects and theses. 808 more words


My theory of the day: Feminism is not about men vs. women, but popular people vs. unpopular men

“The problem with the war between the sexes is there’s too much fraternizing with the enemy.” — attributed to Kissinger.

You may wish to refer back to my post about dorkiness and assholes, and how popular movements get overtaken by popular people who may have very little interest in whatever the movement was originally supposed to be about. 617 more words

Why I don't want my daughter to pledge her virginity

Over in America there are these frankly bizarre things called Purity Balls, no, it’s not a cleanser for testicles but an event in which young girls pledge to their fathers that they won’t have sex before marriage.   1,125 more words


Cartesian Cave

I like to imagine Rene Descartes sometimes, sitting as a shadow among shadows in his little Rembrandt painting, an exile from the kingdom of France. Perhaps smoking a pipe, he glances up at his mistress/wife and says, “Madame, you know it has occurred to me that I think, and therefore I am.” 1,038 more words


Feminism: What it is. What it is not. 

So recently I was featured in my friends blog assignment post film about feminism & Islam. Some of the things I said never translated well on camera and I felt that I need to clear that up. 518 more words