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'Don't Make This About the Men'- Do Men Need Feminism?

Recently I was in a lecture about Queer Theory when I heard the titular quote. This was in the middle of a rather heated and aggressive… 645 more words


On Mis(s)representation (TW: sexual assault)

This past Friday I was faced with a choice: either try to find a snow day boo since this winter is especially long and cuffing season is still in effect OR kick it solo. 1,018 more words

Family Issues

If i seem angry, it's because i am!

A good friend of mine said to me ‘’you need to calm down with your feminism and racism hat’’. She said, that you are too independent and that is sometimes come off as ‘’I don’t need a man’’ and it is intimidating. 425 more words


Pixie for a Week (Creative Thursday)

A week ago, I went “pixie”.  When I walked out of that salon, my only thought was,

“Well, it’s time to start growing it out!” 1,504 more words


That Feminism Stuff; Where are my equal rights?!

You know that feminism stuff that everyone keeps bitching about? I’m sure you do. It is has become an internet sensation like Kim Kardashian’s ass, but way less invasive or shiny. 356 more words

Equal Pay


I told a friend that men spreading their legs on public transportation
became a recent feminist issue. He laughed. He wasn’t drunk, but you’d be… 659 more words


Reminding Myself that not all Video Essays Irritate Me

Being a good person has to be a craft that you practice every day.

And when you see these broader patterns of exclusion . . . 231 more words