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A Giveaway! Leslie Ludy's New Book "The Set Apart Woman"

In celebration of the release of Leslie Ludy’s new book, The Set Apart Woman, I’m giving away one copy of it! I had the opportunity to read through this book in March before it was released and have been deeply stirred by the truth inside. 924 more words

Biblical Womanhood

I Don't Thank My Partner For Helping Me Parent

It’s two thirty in the morning and my son is awake. He’s crying, not in the “something is very wrong way,” but in the almost annoying, whimpering way that lets me know he is aggravated and hungry. 1,360 more words

Core Style - Pretty

Welcome to the third of five posts about finding my core style! I’ve been going through Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect Week’s One and Two to understand where my current style inspirations come from and what I want my core style to focus on. 302 more words


4 Ways Feminism Helps Men

Feminism isn’t about hating men. Feminism isn’t the belief that women are worth more than men. Feminism isn’t misandry. 945 more words


Women, Sports, and Femininity

I am just going to get this out in the open. I am a Crossfit fan. I am not Crossfit competition material yet, but I do like to push myself and I love the feeling that I am getting a little stronger every day. 561 more words


body Image.

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“We’ve decided that we hate you.”

“Did you come back to work just to show off how quickly you could fit back into your jeans?” 731 more words


Love is DOPE.

If I must choose between beauty or brilliance, I choose brilliance every time.

If I must choose between femininity or brilliance, I choose brilliance every time. 27 more words