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I’ve noticed over the last six months that there’s a growing tide of feminist voice.  Whether this is because the topic interests me and I have gravitated toward content on the theme or there is generally more out there, I’m a little unsure.  533 more words


House of Cards - Gay Character

In my view, the gay activist, Michael Corrigan, jailed in Russia and placed at the center of certain negotiations in the recent season of House of Cards… 146 more words


Remember the Women

By Cassie Greenwald

The horror of the Holocaust is not unknown around the world. The extermination of millions of individuals is the bleak result of systemic dehumanization. 986 more words


Color schemes in completion

Study in femininity. I researched the shit out of this word. So here are my findings:

Femininity directly relates to attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with women. 161 more words


Femme and Proud

Gender is something that is very personal to each and every one of us. It can’t be written off as a binary with two distinct identities or dismissed altogether as a construction of the patriarchy, it is often complicated, as it should be in a world we share with billions of other people. 739 more words


Nail Polish Adventures 2014

(This post was previously posted on http://www.GrrrlWithBoys.blogspot.com on 5/23/14.)

About a month ago I remembered how much I like to have my nails painted. I got a suggestion from a friend about a quick-drying brand, you know, because if I’m gonna paint them, I have to do it quickly with two little ones running around. 1,995 more words