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Moon Yoga: Chandra Namaskara

Chandra Namaskara or Moon Salutations are the yogic counterpart to the widely popular Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutations. Not many people are familiar with moon salutations, partly because we in the Western world are somewhat obsessed with the fiery, masculine energy that is achieved through sun salutes, but also because the energetically cooling, feminine moon salutes are, by comparison, relatively newer to yogic practice. 623 more words

Yoga And Meditation

JAMES TARANTO: Ceci N’est Pas une Pape

Wall Street Journal — Religion, art and journalistic double standards.

“The unusual medium used to create a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI . . . has upset Roman Catholic leaders in Milwaukee,” reports Mitch Smith of the New York Times. 71 more words


And the (big) girl wonders...

I wonder if I would make the transition from average girl to toddler teacher successfully. Don’t think I’m doubting myself, perhaps just setting the bar higher. 68 more words

Little Doubts


Not convinced yet? I continue with another Garden of Eden root that exemplifies the superior sex. I’ll kill the mystery now but you already know so it’s not really a mystery: Love is superior to respect (although men will disagree instinctively in defense of male dominance). 453 more words

Dear Daughter


Accelerations of Venus/Jupiter Coupled with the Full Moon

by Rev. Christine Meleriessee, Walking Terra Christa Academy 1,361 more words