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105 - Anita 5

30 minute pose, watercolour & ink

All colour laid down with a flat brush, which I usually reserve for backgrounds. Not my best work, but I don’t dislike it. 135 more words

1000 Drawings

Anime Profile

Ink and acrylic on paper
James Liswed | SomniVision Art

In the west, this style would be considered “anime” which refers to the art style seen in Japanese comics and animation. 84 more words


Liapa: beautiful puppy girl!


Name: Liapa

Gender: F

Age: D-o-b 15/12/2014

Size: will be medium (but on short legs)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Story, Personality, Others:
Two puppies found on the street. 39 more words


Survival Tips for a Male Dominated Workspace

Theoretically it should not matter if your workplace has more men than women, but speaking as someone who has been the only female employee at an organisation, I can safely say that this theory has not found its way from textbooks to offices. 500 more words


RVA: Black Women & Media Stigma

Check out the very first episode of my show “The Kiara Lee Show.” I had a conversation about black women and media stigma with two of Richmond’s finest — spoken word artist Zenobia Bey and media personality I’esha GaptoothDiva. 18 more words


The Good times are Killing Me

With no heat and no care these old buildings had begun to decompose around them. Paint pealed away from cement walls and hung in chunks occasionally breaking free and floating to the ground. 550 more words


How BJJ Gave "Home" and "Family" New Meanings to Me

As I ponder what to pack in my duffle that is USA bound with me next week, I can feel the torrential downpour of emotions flooding my eyes and filling the previously weightless cavities of my body with a heavy, dull ache. 1,191 more words