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Strong bricks build good houses!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been putting my body through a new level of discomfort.

I had heard about “bricks” (basically going straight from cycling to running) from a friend who has competed at Ironman level, as a way to force your body to adapt to providing different sections of your anatomy with the blood flow that it requires.   74 more words


Busy running or running busy

I’ve had a fairly busy couple of weeks recently. This time last year I definitely seemed less busy and I’m not exactly sure why. One thing that has been making training a bit harder is work. 628 more words


Injury and Demons

Hey folks

I decided to write this post as a friend of mine wrote something similar, and whilst I’m not stealing his idea, as it were, I’d been meaning to blog a post for a while but was having writer’s block. 2,022 more words

One Wainwright weekend

Last weekend I was in the Lakes to do some more work on my second book. Apart from the interviews, a talk, and some photo ops, I took in a fell race, and managed to get locked out of the Inn I was saying in! 702 more words


Tigger Tor Review - Fell Running And 1347 Words For Mud

The Eskimo language have hundreds of words for snow. Yesterday, I went to see Paddington http://www.thatfilmguy.net/trailer-paddington-bear-film/ and he said the English have at least 42 words for rain. 419 more words

Changing Clubs....

I’ve been a member of Shropshire Shufflers for over 10 years now. Before I had the kids, I was a regular attender and loved the motivation I got from running with other people and the fact that 1hrs running went by in a flash. 288 more words

To run or not to run - solo.

Ever ask what kind of animal you’d be if you weren’t human? I’d like to think that if I was roaming North America I’d be a noble mustang (I was told a seriously brilliant story about meeting wild mustangs by an old man in JFK who hadn’t been back in Ireland for nearly 60 years and was finally heading ‘home’ that cemented their iconic nobleness for me). 464 more words