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Feelings are Complex Things

You told me you saw two shooting stars
But I glanced up and saw two planes
I’m staring at my legs melted into the grass… 207 more words


T- Teardrops

All the emotions-
Bottled inside;
Waiting till there was-
No witness around;
They came down crashing-
an overwhelming tirade;
Only difference from a waterfall-
They made no sound. 49 more words


You get to choose your circle.

Not everyone you meet is genuine.

When you find out who those people are….the ones that make you question their true intent, only encourages conversations when they need something from you, or blames you for their foolery…. 40 more words


Sunday's Feels For The Week #4

Chilled or trying to be

Free of unnecessary thoughts

Stressed because I probably should be, definitely should be more stressed though

Numb at times

Hopeful… 12 more words


Nearly There

I’ve pretty much caught up . April is 30 days long. My target is 30,000 words so, by the 26th April, I should have done 26,000 words and I have done 26,403.  760 more words


Secrets of My Diary: #13. ~Allah is there, when no one is!~

When you realize that there are a lot of people who are
a lot smarter than you;
a lot more skillful than you;
a lot better-looking than you; 42 more words


Light Me Up, Love.

April 26, 2015

I am not what you want anymore

So why don’t you light me up with the cigarettes you’ve been smoking?

Have you been lighting up some cigarettes lately, darling? 22 more words