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Open Letter to my Step-dad

I know we may not get a long sometimes, and I may have not liked you when I was younger… But as I got older I realized being a step parent is a choice. 150 more words


Unneccessary Attachments

Sitting on my deck, I look at the rotting chair that belonged to my husband’s father who died more than 15 years ago. I want to throw it away. 624 more words

The Screenshot that Flickr is going gaga over

Let me preface this: All credit for beautiful editing and captures of the screenshots goes to K putt on Flickr. It’s impressive.

So, this screenshot got “Explored” on Flickr today – when I checked it had over 7000 views. 73 more words

Personal Life


Lately, I have been having a nagging bad feeling through and through.

I’m not sure if its because of what happened recently with the friendship thing going down or its the scary insecure feelings that keeps me up at night. 534 more words


A letter to harmony

Dear harmony,

where are you when I miss you?
I need you. It’s hard to live without you. It’s hard to stand an atmosphere of disharmony. 91 more words


smoke screens

going through motions

behind thick walls of dark smoke

the world needn’t know


"Imprint Of Lips"

She came up to hug his whole body from behind and whispered to his ear: “One day you’ll be well-known. You know we love you.” 35 more words