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Four nails.

It’s like repeatedly coming up for water and finding yourself under water yet again. You don’t know how but yet again you’re back in a huge mound of distress with no light at the end of the tunnel. 303 more words


Ever get the feeling of not knowing how you feel? Well it’s even more complicated than it sounds. Sometimes we feel bored, unhappy, confused, without knowing the cause. 143 more words



It’s been raining since you left. Literally, there’s been rain every single day. And Europe is now filled with sunlight. Ask UK, they discovered there’s this shiny thing in the sky named sun. 41 more words


When You Feel Offended - 嫌な気持ちにさせられた時

Ever feel frustrated?”で、言いたい事が上手く言えなくて悔しい思いをする事はありませんかという内容を書きました。

When you are offended by someone, don’t you try to hide your negative feelings inside, you don’t confront the person, and keep the peace? 137 more words

Example Sentences

Where Do We Go From Here

After a full 12 hours of arguements, I have finally had enough. It all started because our horsebox isn’t going to be ready in time for Happy to move, petty I know but I am so close to the edge I cant cope with the slightest thing going wrong at the moment. 942 more words


The Importance Of Having Goals

Maybe it’s just me (though I suspect most of us do it sometimes!) but I can be very, very good at slacking off. I’m just not always very self-motivated. 702 more words

Mental Health

Ever Feel Frustrated?

Do you ever feel frustrated because you can’t express yourself the way you want to?

I’m trying to think some of the scenes that are awkward, serious, sensitive, etc….. 72 more words