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Hello World!

I know. There are a millions of blogs out there that are about people’s life. Mine is just a way of expressing myself and trying something different. 24 more words


I Hate You

I’ve made the executive decision to start hating you.


Well, it’s a hell of a lot healthier than liking you.

Hating you will be great for my health. 70 more words


Two Months: Night 26

You are unsure of where he fits, yet you are feel as if he will have a big impact on which school you choose.

If in the end you choose to stay, it may be because of him. 130 more words


I just want to take your time

I’ve never been so confident with someone, like wearing a brand new pair of skinny jeans that make your ass look amazing and everyone notices. Like the warmth of a warm spring sun on your face, no one has ever made me so purely happy. 169 more words

Stay or Grow

She stands on the train and wonders if she is making the right decision. Her heart tells her ‘stay’, but her mind tells her ‘grow’. 74 more words


I'm Thinking

I’m thinking that I really really really hate you. I’m thinking that I wish I always thought of you as an annoying prick. Sometimes I wish we never got close, as they only made those feelings surface, and make their presence known. 177 more words

It's A ProcessĀ 

Sometimes I think of things in the shower. I’m sure that statement doesn’t sound politically correct. But I think of things I can write. Slowly, I’m losing the order of the words, and the words themselves. 333 more words