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Beware of Joe Average

After a few harsh disappointments by fairly regular, seemingly harmless guys I feel the need to send a warning out to all of womankind: they can be the worst! 364 more words

General Stuff

2 barnschocken

Jag har inte riktigt fått den där 2 barnschocken ännu, kanske för att mannen min inte börjat Jobba förrän idag.

Men eftersom lillen tar mycket av min tid känner jag ångest över att jag inte har lekt så mycket med Liam som jag brukar. 176 more words


My little sister

I’m going to leave to summer vacation with my little cousin in a few days. She’s like my younger sister and considering the fact, that I don’t have a sister, I incredibly adore her. 268 more words

A Series Of Unfortunate Relationships

With the raging hormones, being a teenager/young adult in this fast-paced world of ours is pretty challenging but at the same time extremely exhilarating. There are so much things to do, so many people to meet, so many mistakes waiting to be made. 1,157 more words


On my mind (writing everything's that in my mind without thinking)

Maybe, just maybe I’m not trying hard enough.
and maybe, I don’t have enough trust in someone.
OR maybe, I’m just scared. It feels like from time to time, 244 more words


Knock Knock

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Doorknob therapy
Doorknob therapy who?
Gotta go, I’ll tell you next week!

Doorknob say what?  Heh, I’ll come back to that. 714 more words