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When God Says Yes: A Story of How Waiting on the Lord Blessed My Life

It took me 70 days, about 50 online applications, around 30 phone interviews and invitations, 19 personal interviews, 5 examinations, 3 turned down job offers, around 6 rejections, and a failed attempt at resignation before God finally said yes to the desire of my heart. 1,734 more words



Red the colour of rising sun
Black the colour of unseen sun
Red the bands galore
Black the gallows await
Red the blood that flows from veins… 61 more words



I’m thinking of burning
everything you’ve given me.
I wish I could
Oh, wait.
I’ll tear every piece of paper
shred every canvas… 33 more words


The Five Times I knew I loved you

We were together that night and looking for a movie to watch. I was in bed looking intently at the screen as you scroll over movie posters. 596 more words


Mon Amour - Can guys and girls be "just friends"?

My crush is the kindest, most intelligent and most caring person I have ever met. He’s always consoled my anxious self with wise and soothing words; he has a way with them. 1,232 more words


Today I gave someone else the power

Why am I that person. Why am I the person who lets others control how I feel. Today was a pretty crappy day and I know I could have changed it for myself if I could only get out of my own head. 582 more words



Do they know us well?The us that is hidden.

The fear that cannot be spoken.

The loneliness that numbs.
Oh We cover it well,

so well with our flashes of facade and whitewash. 129 more words