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I was predestined to be an unsolvable problem.

 All day, all night, my fear, my fright

Was all that I could see.

But you stepped in, and helped me live…

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It’s 2 am

and I’m got your smell in my hair on my lips.

I can’t fight it how you linger.

I’m torn outside, in. … 76 more words


March 4, 2015

I love extroverts, but I can’t pretend to understand or relate to all that energy. I get tired just answering the phone. ;)



I’ve had people swim to the deepest depths of my soul & still walk away. So belive me when I say that nothing phases me anymore. 36 more words


I miss home.

I miss home and all the people in it.     

It’s times like these where I wish home wasn’t a plane ticket away.

I absolutely love and adore it here. 7 more words



Holy, this article made me cringe. This may sound a little crazy but the nervousness was like a vacuum suctioning the entire oxygen capacity my lungs could contain the entire time I was scrolling through it. 313 more words