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Day Made :)

Quite possibly woke up to one of the best news this morning :) While I was getting ready for work, my bf kept texting me to hurry as he needs to tell me something that he thinks I might wanna hear once I was done. 296 more words


Cried Out

Tears, how many can you cry before you’re drained, before you finally run out. How much is it possible to feel the same high level of pain for such a low level relationship. 86 more words


Calling It Quits

Today wasn’t going to be any different. We’re incapable of being different. The lies, the truth, it doesn’t matter. It just is what it is which is nothing. 105 more words


Open Journal to the World - Entry #1

Does everyone go through these cycles of joy and pain? More specifically, there are days when things are fine…in my head I’m good, even though I may be in a bad situation. 169 more words


don't force

This is one of the hardest things to do..rather its relationship, idea, or opinion..

sometimes its best letting chips fall where they may.

Don’t force is sweetie.. it always end up hurting..


The Day

I am walking, walk walking down the aisle in my perfect white dress watching my groom as watches me

I feel nervous, I’m a wreck but I feel I can feel him watching me… 101 more words


I Wish (I Should've Said)

I wish I had told you that you’re the love of my life, that on the darkest nights you are my only shining light

I wish I had told you that I was so proud of the man I see you becoming instead of constantly putting you down… 157 more words