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My Friday workout

Today I did a little workout. I haven´t worked out for a whole week – which is a pretty long time for me. This is because I have been sick of course, but today I just had to do something. 123 more words



The free-for-all
of Friday. . .

it’s free
for all–
the power
+++++to see
+++++to time ahead,

+++++as well as
+++++to grasp
+++++the time that’s past– 67 more words


Le désir ?

C’est quand on est amoureux de quelqu’un , qu’on a trés envie de l’embrasser mais qu’on attend , on attend et toute cette attente .. c’est le désir .C’est quand on ne l’a pas encore embrassé , qu’on reve en s’endormant , c’est quand on imagine , qu’on tremble en l’imaginant . 20 more words

walk with feeling

you feel the soul

you know a moment

of a gift is within

and how it keeps

and doing all it wants

and how it heard… 44 more words


feeling the breeze

say hello

and  how the heart

and mind rises

and where is the sudden


and its own dance of the trees

and the nature… 45 more words


To Rise

When hope breathed its last
Flames out of power
Ground beneath has cooled
I lay among the ash
Awaiting my turn
To feather and fly… 76 more words


Golden Fleece.

May my tears of anguish,
Build you a golden fleece.
Let it protect you for eternity.
It'll be your lucky charm.

And when you need it no more,
… 45 more words
The Feeling