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Feeling awful takes over my everyday life.


Be positive and have sweetdreams
~ thed4rkestrose


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Hellluuuuu my dear digital notebook/diary/blog!

Last month was crazy I mean the May month, ooohhh it began with so much power, enthusiams and positivness. I was so determined and believed in myself although some part of me said you are not ready yet. 391 more words


Why Hello, Epiphany.

So today was a very, very important day in my life, I’m sure if you’ve read my previous blogs (if not, you totally should ;D), you could put two and two together and figure out I have very low self-esteem. 201 more words


Am I In Denial Of My Problems?

I vascilate between feeling that I m completely “fine” and normal and then, less often, feeling like I am riddled with problems. When I m “fine” I will justify any signs of not being okay on temporary, minor outside forces. 73 more words


I sat there staring in a trance, wondering what to do next ……when you saw me. You held my hand as to remind me. You squeezed it and I felt it. 36 more words


Somtimes I have dreams of a passionate lover. I dream that we will go on walks and laugh at the little things.

We’d have dances. We’d play games. 30 more words


(ix of swords)

(ix of swords)
sorrow & insomnia
my mind won’t shut up
like a dog barking relentlessly
a hunting dog on a chain
trying trying trying to get free… 84 more words