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It finally happened.

It finally happened.

The Escalation.

I had been expecting it for some time now.  In my head I knew it would come, but my heart still hoped that it wouldn’t. 51 more words

La 25e heure, Monty Brogan..

Moi aussi j’te nique, je vous emmerde tous autant que vous êtes !
J’emmerde cette ville et tous ces habitants.
J’emmerde les zonards qui font la manche aux feux rouges et qui s’foutent de ma gueule dès que j’ai le dos tourné. 895 more words


A woman of her own right

Tryna make a move

Everyone got their opinions

Knot feeling my groove

Until you walk my path less traveled… 117 more words


Have Not Felt

I have not felt so deeply
Injustice cast upon myself,
Nor has my anger brewed so thick
As for the one who’s laid this hell… 103 more words



The touch of an hour ago a stranger,
the hold of a person who once I didnt know,
the warm breath of him,
the chest to chest distance, 155 more words


Think on These Things

“The last thing, brothers, is that whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is upright, whatever is holy, whatever is lovely, whatever is praiseworthy, if there is virtue and if there is praise, think on these things.” 779 more words