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Miss you, Mr. S

Dear you,

Day 6 didn’t text you. I miss you.
Can’t text you because I deleted your number.
Miss you so damn damn much, Mr. S.



Dare I

Harmless words

Feelings I dare say

Leave them be

Hope they go away

But here the linger

They won’t go

When he comes by

Don’t let them show… 140 more words


Therapy When Feeling Good

I have been seeing a new therapist for the past month and a half. It s been world s different from the last one. I think he was re-traumatizing me. 78 more words

Tháng tư về

Tháng tư về.

Dạo một vòng trên mạng, nhà nhà chào đón tháng tư, người người đăng ảnh, chào đón hoa loa kèn (tên đúng nó là lan huệ hay huệ tây, ai xem bức “thiếu nữ bên hoa huệ” của Tô Ngọc Vân thì biết) – loài hoa được coi như sứ giả tháng tư Hà Nội. 287 more words


Why Can't Some Of Us Talk On The Forum?

There is another girl who said the same thing in another post. I ve been feeling the same way. Not too sure why. I know personally I ve been told things like “You re having a pity party” “Get over it” There are some strong scary personalities on here. 65 more words

fornication formulation

fornication formulation:

freed feathered flight
forced freewill frenzy
fastened flirt, fettered

fiery fuzzy feelings
far from familiar
fondle finger, firm

F A I N T: furtively frank


Now I know.

Today I had this revelation that warmed up my heart and made me smile discreetly for myself, despite the somehow inappropriate circumstances. It’s funny how we have such epiphanies coming over us like a tidal wave out of the blue, epiphanies that might change our day and brigthen it up for a brief, but significant nanosecond. 823 more words