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ALONE with my silence
what does life mean
if forgiveness
never exists
thinking, i
thought a kiss
like sun upon lips
but who lives forever… 58 more words


The problem with stolen knowledge

The problem with easy or stolen knowledge is that easy or stolen knowledge makes the users naked and feeling dumb.



I was supposed to go to jummuah today, but I lost the motivation. I started feeling insecure about myself. I started thinking about what others will think of me and my family. 192 more words


SELF EXPRESSION: Don't Be Afraid To Be and To Show Who You Are. Just Be Yourself!

I heard and read a lot of stories related to life survival and similar stuff since teenager. One thing that I finally realised is, humans like to “apply” their experiences and situations to advice and give motivation to other people, in assumption all the occurrences are the SAME, when they are actually NOT. 210 more words

Self Expression

At this moment I like the time of making, better than listening or playing

(Anyway, is this sentence correct? I don’t know..)

Day 2

The challenge continues!!

This time I am posting a quote which I have used in All the best, Baby (my debut novel).

This is amongst my favourite quote and a life lesson.

66 more words

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Whether it is expediency in parenting or preparing us for the reality of our world, we all learn before we are too old that it is not OK to express all emotions in public, if at all. 1,178 more words