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Swag Vs. Class

I’m not saying the “swag” look is a complete right off because come on, even guys need to have their “casual” clothing and nobody expects suits everyday. 71 more words


Friday things

  • i had a great interview yesterday and hopefully the one today was as good as I hoped it was
  • I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop with a tea and relaxing…
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Feeling Good

Pause for a Moment to Catch Up

I have been very busy with work. This is good and bad. I enjoy being busy but I am getting very stressed out about not having enough time to breathe and enjoy life. 134 more words


A Little Bit of Fast

Given that I’ve now signed up for a 5k, I thought that I should try running with my ‘fast legs’ and see just how well positioned I am currently. 195 more words


Day 4

A very brief note about today. PB feelsĀ great! I walked around the block in the morning and then worked, went to the gym, then PB and JĀ had dinner on the beach! 56 more words


Mangos, Eyebrows, and Unicorn Magic

My kidneys are fine. Good to know. Now I can get a CT scan with contrast done, which from what I remember from last time, makes you certain you’ve pissed yourself in the first three minutes. 317 more words


Why I chant Om for a living

They say a picture tells a thousand stories methinks the one in the post says it all. The title of the post came through last night as I sat in a Osoniqs sound meditation, as we breathed in and out the title popped into my head and has not left since. 472 more words