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Maroon 5 on a Saturday Night

I am so thankful I was able to spend my Saturday night with my great friend, Sara and Maroon 5. I was diagnosed shortly after buying the tickets to see one of my favorite bands. 131 more words

The Width of the Door

Have you often tried to fit a refrigerator through the back door? My days of moving children in and out of spaces are over, but I remember them well. 741 more words

3 good things about today

3 good things about today:

1. Thank God!! Its not raining today. I don’t hate rain but this time it was raining continuously for more then 30 hrs :( I was stuck inside the house and was feeling restless and also was feeling worried for nothing. 95 more words

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March is a good month.

So March is here, and it’s the end of summer (Aussie Aussie Aussie). I must admit that even though the weather has been less than average this past summer it has still been a good one. 377 more words


Day 790: New dawn, new day

I like that every new dawn and new day is a chance to start anew.

During recent dawns and days, though, I’ve realized I want to hold on to some things from day to day. 310 more words

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They Listened!

Have you every seen such a beautifully cooked cheesecake?
The Gods listened!  After baking slowly in a water bath, cooling slowly with the oven door cracked, completely cooling on the stove top through the evening and then chilling in the cold garage overnight, there is not a crack to be seen! 40 more words

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