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Which Name?

Tried to tie me down
Gave me a name
By it, I must present myself
And by it, everyone must call me
But, really, who am I? 45 more words


Electric Veins

Here in her videogame blanket she rides the wind
Electric guitar strings wiring her brain
Pink hair soaking
Clouds moving, skin glowing
Adventure in everything… 228 more words


Living the life!

So it became a little quiet around here. Not because I’m dead… I was so alive! Take a look:

The day afterwards I left ko tao to go by night ferry to Ko phi phi! 311 more words


Be Alive - Run In The Rain

This one was tricky what with living in the desert and all. We did, however, get a couple of days of good rain recently so I took advantage! 171 more words


Be Alive - Rest Your Head On A Dogs Belly

So, this one is in progress. There are two dogs where I work and neither one seems to be down with me resting my head on their bellies. 50 more words


On Writer's Block

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Sometimes looking at the blinking cursor on your screen feels akin to staring at a heart monitor screen.

Your entire life —the bane of your very existence— is dependent on that single, frail line. 51 more words

Alejandra's Writing

The Sun

The sun was gently fleeing,

Preparing for her slumber,

She had served her daily purpose,

Illuminating the lives of those in her humble abode,

She slowly hid, like a child refusing to sleep, 66 more words