... on dads past, dads present, and dads yet to come

Today could be a sad day, a nostalgic day.

A first Father’s Day without a very important father.

It’s also rainy here, grey.

The perfect day for some wistfulness, reflection. 427 more words

Just Ponderin'

... on espousing his spouse-ing

I met my true love, current spouse,
In Nineteen Eighty-Three
Young and sportin’ Levi-Strauss,
and sitting next to me.

“You, with the blog! You must espouse,” 137 more words

Just Ponderin'

... on the need for shadows and night

I’m up in Maine doing the little things that I don’t like to do when summer is in full swing (which is when I’m focused on canning and jar-ing the sunshine and warmth in my mind,  in case I need to pull out the memories of warmth and color mid-February). 814 more words

Just Ponderin'

When normal ain't normal...

Is it just me, or has their been an abundance of news stories as of late relating to individuals with Down syndrome? These stories are getting a lot of attention in social media circles…but for (what I think) is the wrong reason. 434 more words

Feel Good Stuff

... on a new job with an old man

Over the weekend, Grampa had a particularly tough morning. His sleeping has been all turned around for quite some time, and he had been up most of the night again. 972 more words

Just Ponderin'

... on a gift in a storm

Bette Davis was onto something when she said, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

In addition to struggling to be eighty-six and, well, just being Grampa, there is more lately. 1,010 more words

Just Ponderin'

... on a spring-y delight

Way back last year
The first flake fell
And just like that
Poof! Winter’s spell.

First, such beauty
A world aglow
Sunlight, moonlight
cast soft on snow… 115 more words