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The Benefits of Critique Groups

If I had one piece of advice to give to aspiring writers, it would be this: join a critique group.

I have been writing since childhood, and the instant I discovered the local writing guild, I joined it. 798 more words


Why marking essays is good for my soul

I came to university as a mature aged student. I was 26, hadn’t even finished high school. Now I’m ‘that guy': completed two degrees with distinction averages, got a first class honours, almost finished a PhD that’s heavy on the critical theory, got a giant brain crush on Foucault. 639 more words


What Students Think About Standards Based Grading

I started standards based grading for the last quarter of this school year.  My students had to adjust part way through the year to the new system as well as a new achievement (progress) report.   907 more words


Feedback and Rewrites

Yep, you heard right. I’ve received feedback on (some) of ‘The Novel’. Yeeaaahhh! Full, honest, comprehensive feedback. The thing which has eluded me in my quest to… 455 more words


My ongoing struggle to make comments suck less

One of the most common four-word phrases in journalism (after “the CMS from hell”) must be “don’t read the comments.” A lot of newsrooms treat reader comments as the equivalent of the town dump: They’re something you need to have, and you want to spend as little time as possible there. 488 more words


Operacoast audition

On the train back from London from my Operacoast audition for their summer project of Manon. Mostly feeling positive, I didn’t sing perfectly, but you never do under the circumstances of an audition; palms sweaty, heart racing as you try to remember your name, let alone what aria you’re about to sing. 314 more words

Looking back on a year of blogging at Quill Alley

It’s been a year of blogging here! It’s left me with some great lessons.

My most popular post has been my Washi Tape Skyline. I’m still getting a steady stream of visitors coming here via Internet searches because of that post. 232 more words