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The Best & Worst Sports Logos


Legacy, statistics, impact, championships…all these are the standard things discussed in just about every sports conversation and debate. But throw that out the window, because I am here to talk about the most important part of anything sports related…the logo of the team. 1,550 more words


Whatever happened to the mealworms?

Well, that was a question that I had been asking myself too. You may remember that I was having a go at raising mealworms as a source of protein-rich food for my hens (details… 496 more words

Gardening And Growing

Find Your Voice for the IELTS Speaking Test!

Are you wondering how exactly you can start improving your skills and your performance in the IELTS Singapore speaking test? Well, there are actually many things that you can do to do this. 41 more words

Hey LinkedIn, could you make my feed sorter any smaller?

As I get more into blogging and the whole social networking aspect with a professional twist, I am using LinkedIn more. I noticed just the other day, how the order of my home page feed just made no sense chronologically. 141 more words


IELTS Can Increase Your Salary

People take IELTS for different reasons. Others do it to pursue their educational goals while others aim at working and living abroad. The truth is that passing this English language assessment test can significantly help people improve their quality of life. 39 more words


feed you

all you gotta do

and what is the attention

and how it leaves a mind

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and how it sums minus… 52 more words


How To Properly Practice Piano Playing

I personally believe that in order to reach perfection or achieve progress, one needs to practice a lot. For beginners, it can be very advantageous if they do not only practice frequently but also do it in the right way. 40 more words