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Journalist-radio speaker José Miguel López presents a sound photo-biography on Federico García Lorca

José Miguel López is the co-author of the book Fotobiografía Sonora, which includes several recordings.

March 13th, 9:30. Stockholm University, Latinamerikainstitutetsbibliotek (LAI), Universitetsvägen 10 B, (house B, floor 5) 48 more words


Amor de mis entranas - Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936)

Trad. da Claudio Capponi

Amor de mis entranas

Amor de mis entranas, viva muerte,
envano espero tu palabra escrita,
y pienso, con la flor que se marchita, 179 more words


Los arqueros oscuros

This is a mysterious, enigmatic and atmospheric poem by Federico Garcia Lorca, inspired by the great city of Sevilla, in his native Andalusia in southern Spain. 260 more words

बीथोवन का तीसरा पियानो कैन्‍चर्टो, सेकंड मूवमेंट

बीथोवन का तीसरा पियानो कैन्‍चर्टो, सेकंड मूवमेंट। यह उदात्‍ततम संगीत रचनाओं में से है। एक ऐसी लोमहर्षक रचना, जो हमें आभास कराती है कि हमारे भीतर की बाढ़ अभी मरी नहीं, कि वह हमारी त्‍वचा के कूल-किनारों को लांघकर अब भी व्‍योम में फैल सकती है। और तब सुदूर क्षितिज भी हमारे अंतस की द्युति में प्‍लावित होता है। 6 more words


Doña Rosita the Spinster

Students from the East 15 Acting School on the MFA Acting (International) course produced two plays at the Cockpit Theatre over the weekend. I went to see  209 more words


Flamenco Cabaret by Federico Garcia Lorca

Lamps of crystal
and green mirrors.

On the darkened stage,
Parrala maintains
a conversation
with Death.
She calls Death,
but Death never comes,
and she calls out again. 23 more words


Road by Federico Garcia Lorca

A hundred riders in funeral dress,
where will they go
in that laid-to-rest sky
of the orange grove?
Neither Cordoba nor Sevilla
will they ever reach. 45 more words