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Has Outside Money Killed the Legislative Process?

Agree or Disagree with funding the DHS. Agree or Disagree with the Executive Actions which focused on using available funds to remove illegals committing violent crimes instead of exhausting all resources removing children and illegals easily found. 665 more words


Homeland Security Seizes Land Rovers - Are You Guilty By Association?

Even if YOU aren’t doing something wrong, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be punished!

Homeland Security is seizing old Land Rovers – adorned in armor and acting in pre-dawn raids on innocent civilians (what a great use of taxpayer money!), people who are supposed to be protecting Americans from terror are actually terrorizing owners of imported vehicles. 830 more words

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House Votes Down Temporary Measures to Fund the Department of Homeland Security

The President’s administration is setting up plans for a way to keep the most important aspects of the Department of Homeland Security operational when the midnight shutdown arrives on February 28th. 257 more words


Michigan, US Appealing Judge's Ruling On Great Lakes Wolves

TRAVERSE CITY, MI (AP) – Michigan is joining the federal government in appealing a decision that restores legal protections for gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region. 100 more words


Government warns against using unregistered bedbug products

EDMONTON – The federal government is warning Canadians of what it calls the “extreme danger” of using unregistered products to fight bedbugs.

The Health Canada warning comes after… 108 more words



After reading the news that has come out in the past week, one has to wonder how much longer this Country will stay together. Will the States drift off in secession via the Tenth Amendment, by refusing to follow the laws and edicts, mostly edicts descending from DC. 611 more words

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