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New Study Suggests Your Trendy Beard May Have Poop On It

Well, this certainly gives new meaning to the term “shitfaced.”

A new study suggests that beards—those inscrutably popular male fashion accessories that should have perished forever with the Smith Brothers of cough-drop fame and late-1800s US presidents—are havens of bacterial filth. 141 more words

A Dung Story

It’s exactly what you think it is – a pile of rather… unsavory looking fecal matter with suspiciously blue-green mold growing on it. A pleasant combination, even at the best of times. 190 more words


Genevieve Moniqui "Genny" Rojas

For the month of April I am honoring the memory of child abuse victim Genny Rojas, who was tortured to death by her aunt and uncle on July 21, 1995. 148 more words

bitch n' feces: dawn of justice

666th post!
Hello, fellow bitches! We’re back from our long vacation. And yes, I still don’t care.

You actually do, you just don’t show it. F1ck you.  88 more words


Police: Des Moines man reports stolen bag of dog poop

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Police say someone who attempted to steal a truck parked outside a Des Moines home instead took a bag of dog poop. 102 more words


Chapter One-hundred and Three

Kalamazoo Non-citizens Resettlement Zone, 17 September 2015

Oh, his head throbbed! Shimshack knew as soon as he opened his eyes, his headache would begin. He could tell by the orange glow of his eyelids, it was sunny today and he had forgotten to pull down the blinds last night. 833 more words