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There are 13 species of otters and there have been many stories surrounding these creatures that date back to the early times of mythology. Some cultures honour the otter and many native Americans featured this animal on their totem poles – a sign that they honoured it. 23 more words


FiltEST - Filter Element Simulation Toolbox

Today’s filter elements have to meet increasing requirements concerning their operating time, filtration efficiency and dirt hold capacity. Additional aspects such as an efficient production of the devices and ecological sustainability are of growing importance when deciding about the product design and the materials involved. 256 more words

Applied Mathematics

UK Web Show: Not For The Radio (NFTR) Interviews Lethal Bizzle

Hosted by Duane Jones aka Vis (Renowned), Posty (GRM Daily) and Chams (Face4Music), the trio invite a series of guests onto the show to talk realness – no holds barred.

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UK News

Puroresu Results From AJPW, Dragon Gate, BJW & Noah ~ 4/17 - 4/18

It’s been a busy few nights in Japan with seemingly every promotion running shows. All Japan Pro-Wrestling continued this years Champion Carnival with their show today seeing Jun Akiyama defeating Zeus in the main event. 452 more words


Eastern Grey Squirrel

The Eastern grey squirrel is the mammal that is most frequently seen East of the Mississippi river. It is also seen in many parts of Great Britain, where it was introduced from the USA in 1876.



A lonely traveler traverses the infinity of space.

Notes: I began experimenting with making a bubble and the picture grew from there. I used light and space filters and made sure to distort stars “behind” bubble. 24 more words


American Alligator

The American alligator can be found throughout the southeastern United States. They primarily inhabit freshwater swamps and marshes although they can also be found in rivers, lakes and smaller bodies of water.