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Star Charts, Zodiacs, and Horoscopes, Oh My!

J1 Feature Story by Noelle Pick and Elsie Stormberg

Flipping through the ad-filled pages of the Omaha World Herald, you stop as something catches your eye. 531 more words


Teachers sell cookies in the classroom

J1 Feature Story by Katie Drobny

It is everyone’s favorite time of the year: time to buy Girl Scout cookies.

In 2015, the Girl Scouts of Nebraska sold eight different types of cookies: Thanks-A-Lots, Cranberry Citrus Crisps, Lemonades, Shortbreads, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Sandwiches. 347 more words


Students help refugees resettle

J1 Feature Story by Kellyn Daly

A southern Georgia town, a team of refugees, and a coach with a vision. These are the elements of the story that inspired the Block E and B Honors Composition and Literature classes to get involved in their own community to help refugees like the characters in Outcasts United. 414 more words


A student’s guide to college visits

J1 Feature Story by Clara Wertzberger and Rachel Sedlacek

It’s that seven-letter word that brings out excitement, stress and potentially fear: college. It seems like all of high school is spent getting ready for another four-year section of education that will prepare you for the rest of your life. 755 more words


Who’s your dealer? Bow Masters Share Spirit

J1 Feature Story by Elizabeth Sheehan and Courtney Schincke

From the moment Color Block was dismissed on March 18th, the only colors Marian girls could see were the ones of their class. 550 more words


Review: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2015)

WILL DRIVER took a trip to his local independent cinema to watch the latest film from Studio Ghibli.

So the Oscar nominated Studio Ghibli film is finally in UK cinemas. 722 more words


REVIEW: Frozen Fever (2015)

Frozen Fever is a short currently screening before Cinderella. WILL DRIVER took a look.

Have you let Frozen go yet? Well, love it or hate it, we’re getting even more. 320 more words