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Apparently our laundry line pole is a good place to rearrange feathers.


Then There Was One

I don’t always remember to take my painkillers. All they do anyway is reduce the acute pain in my knee. It doesn’t take long, however for me to realise my omission. 287 more words

jay by tom clausen

the feeder-
the gift of flight visits
one by one 7 more words

Poems And Photos

Birds of a Feather

This was my first free hand design that I tried. I was so excited at first and after the first 10 minutes I was almost in tears. 140 more words


'Feathers' by Raymond Carver

Feathers by Raymond Carver, 1982

The magic trick:

Using comedy to make Bud and Ollas world feel alien

If the stories here at SSMT have taught me anything, it’s that nearly every single successful writer is a funny writer. 263 more words

Short Stories

Day 179: Dining Au Deux

It takes a sophisticated diner indeed to master “dining au deux.”

This dining style is potentially full of awkward negotiations.

For example, you must work out which of the two diners will dine first, how long each diner will dine, whether you will break up the dining time into shorter or longer turns, and – most critical – who will get to take home the tasty leftovers. 147 more words

Shannon Cutts

New FLIGHT Pendants Available

Handmade reclaimed cedar FLIGHT pendants for just $25, by Woody Michael Todd Harrison, now available to order.

Purchase one for yourself, and get a second pendant for a friend for $20! 19 more words

Michael Todd Harrison