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Dinosaur Feathers

In the movie, Jurassic Park, humans are able to get dinosaur DNA from insects that were preserved in fossilized amber millions of years ago. Well, it has been very convincingly shown that any DNA that might get trapped in amber during the age of dinosaurs would degrade too badly over time to still be viable today. 501 more words


Birds of A Feather...

I find it great to create shots, however there’s something so unique, about the shot that just comes to you!


Exploring coloured media

Experiment and play about with all the coloured media you have and find out what they do best.  Draw random lines, straight and curved, get the feel of each of the media. 

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Beautifully cut invitations

I have some absolutely gorgeous laser cut cards in a variety of designs available! This is a much more affordable way to have high quality, beautiful cards at a fraction of the cost. 32 more words