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EEEK! Fears.

Hellooo! This post was originally going to be about my intense want to switch to paleo and how frustrated I am because I don’t buy the groceries…but instead lets discuss fears. 831 more words


Oh Divine Union

In honor of Venus and Jupiter
from the book The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks

Oh divine union
oh holy night
oh the stars in heaven… 712 more words


Like music to my ears.

“Hi Polina,
Dr. N reviewed the results of V’s labs and reports the following:
EMA IgA antibody is now entirely negative (was positive) and TTG IgA antibody continues to trend down and is close to normal (was 22, is now 14, with normal < 10) Indicating dietary adherence and mucosal healing. 441 more words



We all have things we’re afraid of, that make us react in ridiculous ways. Whether is be little things like spiders or roller coasters, or things with deeper meanings, like the future or commitment. 399 more words

5 Lessons from a Lengthy Friendship

Maybe you met him your first day of preschool or maybe she saved you from a bully in 3rd grade. Maybe y’all were bff’s from day one or maybe you hated each other first. 1,353 more words

Rambling about college

In a month and 13 days I will be moving into my first college dorm room. Although this is a HUGE exciting step forward from being in high-school and feeling stuck in my hometown, I am honestly scared to death.There are so many things going through my mind currently, like ‘will my roommate and I like one another?’ ‘Will I cry when my family drops me off?’ ‘How many panic attacks will i have the first couple of weeks?’… so on and so forth. 310 more words


Eating Disorder Confessions

Since I came to the realization that this was more than just protective eating against myself I have been trying to find the courage to recover. 1,069 more words

Eating Disorder