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Endless Days

Days like today are typical for me. Nothing going on, me being alone and wishing that there was something more to life then this. Sitting on the couch pretending to watch television when really all I want to be doing is sleeping or be outside having an adventure of some sort as to fill the endless void that is my boredom. 42 more words


I Refuse (Part II)/Lit Up

Discomfort lodged between my collar bones
When did you leave that stone there?
Rolling up and down the walls inside

Ready or not-

The fuse has been lit… 475 more words

One Drop

The fear of the unknown

We all want to look decent and reticent, whilst secretly illicit and explicit; we all like to look unshakable, whilst privately little and brittle; we all want to look indifferent, whilst internally troubled and unsettled. 79 more words


Social Anxiety:  Is it bad when it extends to phone calls too?  #socialanxiety

Social anxiety is overwhelming. It leaves your belly feeling uneasy, stresses you out, and has you feeling so nervous about social interactions that you consider avoiding them altogether. 771 more words

Mental Health/Self-esteem

Bridge Of Broken Arcs

Hey everyone This poem is on the topic of time and why you must use it wisely or end up paying the price of your self respect by trading in treasures… 243 more words

My Biggest Fear

A few years ago I read a magazine article written by a woman who had recently escaped from living with her abusive son as he had been sent to prison. 990 more words


I'd Rather Not: An Anti-Bucket List

According to wikipedia (a trusty source, I know) to kick the bucket is an English idiom, considered a euphemistic, informal, or slang term meaning ‘to die’.  149 more words