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With love she conceived a fear,
if she would always remain this dear,
she knew,
her space is becoming important in his life
infatuation is turning into dependency…
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Persistent Memories

I used to be able to sleep in, sometimes for hours. I can’t seem to do that any more. I have this love/hate relationship with waking early, especially when I don’t have to.  1,714 more words


Fight or Flight: The Difference Between Stress and PTSD

By MindfulAide

Everyone has felt stressed out at some point in time.

A looming deadline approaches and you don’t feel prepared. You haven’t completed something that you know should be done. 778 more words

Mental Health

Body of Perception

When I was little people would look at my older sister and tell her she was beautiful. Then they would turn to me and say reassuringly that when I got older I would be beautiful too. 998 more words


I Can See You

I can see you

Deep down underneath

To those places inside

That you hide far from me.


I can touch you

That place in your soul… 150 more words


The Song Within Me

I have a music problem.

You see, I have studied music for quite a long time. I’ve spent more time in music lessons than with my own mother. 463 more words

the road to my demons

I ‘ve been suffering from depression most of my life. People always misuse it to their own advances ,but there is nothing dreamy about it. its not what it’s portrayed in movies , but its dangerous because it eats away your insides, and robs you of happiness and good memories until you are left with a blurry image .  87 more words