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Climate Change - Maybe, Just Maybe, It’s Because Their Argument Is Unsound

By Andrew Bolt ~

Mark Steyn on the despair of the warmists:

The hysteria of Mann-style alarmism is going nowhere with the public, as one of the hysterics in Australia, Graeme Richardson, acknowledges here:

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Meet the "Barstool Biologist" That Thinks He Speaks for "Everyone" in Wisconsin about Wolves

One of the terms that I like to use to describe anti-wildlife elements who think they have the answers to everything is that they are a… 1,826 more words

A Few More Hot Days Does Not Equal A Lot More Heat Waves

By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~

Whatever the combination of human and natural causes, the world has warmed by about 0.85 degrees Celsius (1.5 degrees Fahrenheit) over the last century or so. 462 more words

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Pipeline Foes Funded By Putin’s Pals

By Paul Driessen ~

What happens when protesters learn they’re being used by billionaires? They dig in their ideological heels and shout insults.

As hydraulic fracturing and Canadian oil sands development sent North American petroleum production soaring, new pipelines were approved and constructed, including the Keystone system’s first three phases. 773 more words

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This Present Darkness: Chapter 12

When I first wrote these recaps, it was at this point in reading the book that I actually read the back jacket on the two book collection I had. 2,558 more words

This Present Darkness

A rant post about GTA and gaming...

A little too late, perhaps? …say a little over a year too late?

It would seem that a #change.org petition has been signed by over 38,000 people, in their wanting to have the game removed as it promotes violence against women. 440 more words

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The Media and Islam

The media is a huge influential factor on peoples lives. It is where people base their opinions from, arguably forms stereotypes and causes fear mongering. The media can be seen as a dangerous source. 512 more words