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On The Balance of Internet Journalists and Agents of Propaganda. (or: No, You Hoes. The Pentagon Did NOT Make it Legal to Kill You)

What is a journalist anymore anyway? There is surely curriculum at any given University intended to teach people how to be journalists. Those who are privileged enough to be able to afford such an indoctrination are surely introduced to things like ethics, investigative research, the FOIA process, etc. 900 more words


The True Consequences of Fear Mongering

A single statement by a powerful persona can change the opinions of hundreds of individuals. This is the premise behind all politics, all marketing, most conversation is based in persuasion. 306 more words


No evidence 'cocktail of everyday chemicals' causes cancer

Earlier this week, a number of headlines proclaimed that everyday chemicals could have additive effects in causing cancer. I didn’t have time to cover this news item myself, but the NHS Behind The Headlines team did and excellent job looking at it. 10 more words


Climate Change Australia - Warning To The Abbott Government: Red Line Alert On Global Warming

By Andrew Bolt ~

Seriously? Abbott won the Liberal leadership by a single vote by promising to oppose global warming hysteria – specifically an emissions reduction scheme – and would now sell out those who got him there? 310 more words

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The Vatican’s Global Warming Blunder

By Craig Rucker ~

The Vatican released Pope Francis’s long-awaited encyclical yesterday.

Its take on global warming represents Rome’s greatest scientific blunder since Galileo was tried in 1633 “for holding as true the false doctrine taught by some that the sun is the center of the world.” 587 more words

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Day 265 Power and Virtue

Politicians are a breed of characters that I fail to understand – they have to be willing, on one hand, to ward off nonstop critical attack, and on the other, to subject themselves to constant pandering for favour.  707 more words