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WizTweet #28

Awareness unmixed with thought has no fear, no past, no future, no objects, no ideas, no craving, no identification and therefore no bondage and YOU ARE THAT!


When Fear Seizes You

SOURCE:  Desiring God/Stacy Reaoch

This past fall my husband had the privilege of going to Turkey to speak at a conference for Christian workers. Although I was excited for his opportunity, I was also feeling somewhat hesitant with the terrorist activity in nearby Syria. 860 more words


Fear and duality

When the child experiences this world first time, a thought comes from its past tendency and divides it from the world. That is the genesis of fear. 314 more words

4.Integration (Sravana, Manana & Niddhidhyasana)

Decisions, decisions

I have to confess, I don’t find blogging to be particularly easy and I am not as disciplined as I would like to be about posting. 276 more words


To hell with the Vicodin

I start things, I don’t always finish them.  At least in a timely manner.  I have a lot of drafts in my WordPress folder.  The way I work is, I get an idea, usually a sentence or a title, or I look at one of my photos and it spurs something.   326 more words

They have snakes! Real ones!

Aka I am a loser/ the biggest fear/ doubt time

 Ok, I knew there were some snakes in Asia but what I did not know was that it’s simply fuuuull with snakes. 597 more words

Ready Steady Go

I'm Scared

One of my favourite youtubers, Charlie McDonnell two years ago released a video where he globally shared his thoughts on being scared. For me he was the very first person admitting that having fears is not something to be ashamed of. 231 more words