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William Hyman: The Little-Discussed Device Learning Curve

A reasonable expectation in the adoption of new medical technology is that the direct users will require training and experience in achieving a reasonable level of comfort and efficacy. 1,006 more words

Patient Safety

Quality Problems with Mammograms at Coastal Diagnostic Center-Pisma Beach, CA

FDA MedWatch – Mammograms at Coastal Diagnostic Center in Pismo Beach, California: FDA Safety Communication – Quality Problems

Mammograms at Coastal Diagnostic Center in Pismo Beach, California: FDA Safety Communication – Quality Problems… 465 more words


Should the federal government regulate e-cigarettes to help reduce their use by teens?

There aren’t very many instances where you’d would recommend that the federal government follow Florida’s lead with regard to regulation.

But when it comes to electronic cigarettes, the feds need to take note because there are enough growing concerns about the increasingly popular devices — especially among teenagers — that the government should consider new regulations. 452 more words


OMG FDA: Although marijuana is a schedule I drug, it has proven medicinally beneficial.

Although research in cannabis is limited due to the restrictions of being classified as a schedule I drug, there has been cases that proved derivatives of weed as a form of medication that invalidates its current legal status.  635 more words

OMG FDA: Medicinal Marijuana and CBD

A meticulous study on cannabis should be proposed as an investigational new drug (IND) APPLICATION which would then be required to be approved by the FDA for its medicinal properties, through clinical human study and evaluation, if research shows that it’s benefits outweigh its risks, the FDA cannot and shall not deprive patients of this medication and will be used for medicinal purposes free of judicial consequences by law effective immediately… 527 more words

OMG FDA: The CDER's flaws on requirements and standards.

The CDER limits their power in accepting proposed applications and thoroughly investigating sponsors when they should be very selective and strict, to make it difficult for any substance to be FDA approved as means to protect the public from harmful subtances, the CDER should extend their power and requirements to a farther extent than it is now because sponsors who are unwilling to comply are evidently disclosing cruicial information and cannot be trusted. 432 more words


Overtime technology and biochemistry has evolved and improved with the development of chemicals and subtances, we have discovered new medicines. As fortunate as we are to have these break through medications, one can not help but wonder what was life like before the arrival of these substances. 615 more words