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An Open Internet [Queries]

How do we maintain an open Internet? Is this possible? Moreover, are we doomed to the corporate monopolization of the Internet? What will a truly open Internet cost? 96 more words


FCC Plans a Vote on New Airwaves Sharing Plan

Essentially, the government has developed an airwaves-sharing plan that would protect radar systems near military bases and the coastline while auctioning off access to the airwaves in other parts of the country. 33 more words

Streaming Policy & Ethics

Net Neutrality debate in India

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Mobile network operators (MNO’s) globally are trying to figure unscrupulous ways of trying to make money at the cost of Net Neutrality and the freedom of Open Internet. 178 more words


Google strikes back at Wall Street Journal article - with a laughing baby?

Google is tearing into a recent Wall Street Journal report that claimed Google had gotten away with abusing its monopoly power.

And this was no standard response. 307 more words


FCC's Tom Wheeler: Courts Will Uphold Net Neutrality

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler predicted that the agency’s recently passed net neutrality rules, in which the agency reclassified the Internet as a Title II common carrier, would survive a challenge in the courts. 485 more words


FCC Plans a Vote on New Airwaves Sharing Plan

Federal regulators are set to vote next month on a plan to allow wireless carriers and companies including Google to share airwaves with the government, in an effort to make more airwaves available for future wireless devices. 368 more words


FCC Chair: Net Neutrality Is "Right Choice" Because Big ISPs Want "Unfettered Power"

The net neutrality rule hasn’t yet taken effect, but it’s been under heavy political fire for the past few weeks. Lawmakers hauled FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and other FCC commissioners… 541 more words