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The E-Rate Window Is Wide Open: So What Next?

“The window to apply for federal E-Rate funding in 2015 is currently open—and slams shut on March 26. Schools and libraries that rely on E-Rate subsidies for their Internet connectivity—as well as first-time applicants—now have an additional $1.5 billion to tap for Wi-Fi. 52 more words

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Comcast May Be Infringing Net Neutrality With Shady HBO Go Deals

HBO Go just made its way to Playstation 4—except Comcast subscribers can’t get it. Customers have been complaining that they can’t watch HBO on their PS4, even though they pay for it—and there’s been no explanation from Comcast. 91 more words

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Congresswoman Backed By AT&T, Comcast Introduces Bill To Kill Net Neutrality

While some members of Congress have argued that the best way to deal with net neutrality is to create a law that guides what broadband providers can and can’t do with regard to data, one legislator from Tennessee — who has received significant money from neutrality’s biggest opponents — has introduced a bill that would kill neutrality and strip the FCC of its authority to regulate broadband as a necessary piece of telecommunications infrastructure. 456 more words

FCC Rules in Favor of “Open and Unfettered” Internet

By Bailey Edelstein

History was made at the Federal Communications Commission’s open meeting at their headquarters in Washington, DC on Feb. 26 to determine the future of the Internet for U.S. 1,195 more words

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The FCC's War on Drugs

There’s no shortage of conflict between radio, musicians, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which governs what can be publicly broadcast on radio as well as television. 670 more words


Net Neutrality

How is your Internet experience? Is it throttled, blocked, are you in the fast-lane, do you pay more  for speed; are you not prioritized?  How would you know if you were throttled? 1,566 more words


Majority Leader McCarthy on the internet

I am opposed to today’s vote by the FCC to classify the internet as a public utility. The Internet should remain free of intrusive government regulation so that rapid innovation and commerce can continue to flourish.  441 more words