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Ding dong the Comcast/Time Warner merger is dead...

Good news for consumers!  Comcast announced last week that it will drop its bid for a  $45.2 billion merger with Time Warner Cable.

The merger between the country’s No. 180 more words


When Fair is Foul: How the FCC was Wrong But Still Got it Right

As the $45 billion merger between Time Warner and Comcast appears set to fall apart in the coming days, now seems an appropriate time to revisit the other big telecomunications story of the year thus far: the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) February 26th adoption of new net neutrality (or… 2,567 more words

New Google Glass will be out

Google might have just hinted at the future of its Glass headsets. The company has sent a mystery “smart BLE” (Bluetooth Low Energy) device to the FCC for approval, the A4R-CAP1, and there are a few telltale signs that it’s one of Mountain View’s wearables. Most notably,…

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Fails

Fortunately for consumers, the proposed merger of media conglomerates Comcast and Time Warner has been canceled. It seems that the FCC wasn’t going to approve the merger due to antitrust concerns. 48 more words


Junk Fax Act Compliance: One Week Left to Request a Waiver for Non-Compliance

Thursday, April 30, 2015, marks the last day a business can request a retroactive waiver for failing to comply with certain fax advertising requirements promulgated by the… 230 more words

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As Comcast deal fails, broadband monopolies remain

Critics of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal made convincing arguments that it would be bad for consumers, and for the media companies that want to deliver stuff to consumers on the Internet…Astonishingly, Washington listened.

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Comcast Drops Time Warner Cable Merger Bid After Antitrust Pressure

Comcast Corp abandoned its $45 billion offer for Time Warner Cable Inc on Friday after U.S. regulators raised concerns that the deal would give Comcast an unfair advantage in the cable TV and Internet-based services market. 361 more words