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Stressed Out? Consider this...

Stressors are everywhere.

Work. School. Family. Friends. Deadlines. Expectations.

Sometimes it feels like everyone wants a piece of you. As a result, we must learn to manage stress so that it does not over take our lives and we can still experience happiness and joy in the midst of stress. 204 more words


Launching soon

Blonde Vivante

Bossy, blonde and always in goode taste. A life, style and health blog by Jordan Long.



All this outfit is missing is a nun staring over my shoulder, with a ruler in her hand. I feel like I would have been spanked with a ruler plenty of times if I went to catholic school, and not always by the nuns. 27 more words


Coconut Oil Hair Mask Review

Hello dears! How has the start to your week been? It’s been a difficult one for me with a lack of sleep over the weekend and feeling rubbish because of such annoyances….but that’s what make up is for hey. 709 more words


The Headband Edition

I was a huge fan of headbands when travelling. Last summer bandanas and headbands saved my life when backpacking around Asia (top picture).

However, I haven’t properly rocked the plastic headband since I was about 11. 62 more words

Home Facemask: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

Hiya lovelies ^_^
I hope you’re alll well. I’m super hungry but I feel really excited about this facemask so I thought I’d do a quick post about it :) 577 more words


My First Post

Hey guys

This is my first blog post and I was thinking of what to write about and I thought well I love Instagram and taking photos so what better way to start off my blog than with my Instagram link and username… 107 more words